Shotguns for Home Defense. Who'd a Thunk?

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    Home Defense Shotgun vs. Home Defense Handgun
    JAYSON MATTHEWS , DECEMBER 9, 2015 / 1166 9

    Statistics have shown that there are approximately 8,000 home invasions per day throughout North America. Sadly, 38% of all assault cases and 60% of sexual assaults occur during these unlawful entries. Is there any wonder then that home security is the primary reason most people decide to purchase firearms?

    According to Chris Michel, leading gun expert at Dixie Gun Worx, the majority of people who walk through the doors to his successful firearms business have one thing on their minds – protection from home invasion. This is particularly true for older women – a demographic that tends to live alone more often and is, sadly, quite vulnerable. For many of these people, they have no prior experience with firearms and are therefore confused when facing their many personal security options.

    Which to Choose?

    A pistol is often the first idea for many when deciding which weapon to bring into the home. This is most likely due to a pistols ease of use and general portability. One can easily imagine hauling it out of a night table drawer should an intruder enter or even easing it between the mattresses before sleep. That should fool the intruder, should it not? Not necessarily. If you know all the hiding spots, wouldn’t a career criminal know them all the better? As convenient as they are, pistols are not the best choice when it comes to home defense.

    Enter the Shot Gun

    Thanks to his years of experience handling, building, customizing and instructing others on firearms, Michel is an expert in choosing the ideal weapon for both home and self-defense, depending upon each individual person’s needs. His choice for most people, hands down, is the shotgun when it comes to defense within the home.

    If you happen to find yourself in a situation that requires you to use your weapon for self-defense, you could not have a better gun on your side. It is reliable, secure and so immediately intimating that there’s even a chance you won’t even have to fire it in order to make your intruder head for the door.

    Its reputation precedes itself

    It’s the middle of the night. You hear a door open downstairs. Perhaps you hear the creak of a footstep on the stair. Adrenaline fills your body and you enter into a state of panic which, although it is natures way of preparing your for battle, makes you incredibly vulnerable at the same time. In fact, studies have shown that when you are in a state of extreme fear or stress, you are only able to process about 60% of all information you receive. Your hearing, your comprehension, your physical abilities …all are flooded with hormones, leaving you unable to make logical choices in any capacity.

    When you choose a shot gun, the first thing your intruder will see is the unmistakable form of a hefty shot gun in your hands. The first thing they will hear? That trade mark and absolutely terrifying clack as you rack it for a shot. Some criminals will change their mind, when they realize they could get shot.

    It is the most effective for panicked shooters

    If you are forced to actually fire the shotgun, it is the best possible option for an inexperienced and terrified shooter. Unlike most weapons where the bullets are specific to a target, firing a shotgun means letting loose a grouping of ammunition toward your intended mark. Shotgun shells are packed with lead BBs. Depending on the size of the shell, when you pull the trigger you are firing between 2 to 30 BBs at once. Literally, a mass of lead is jettisoned toward the intruder making accuracy less important than general location. This is a perfect solution for times when your state of mind barely allows you to see straight let alone aim like a practiced sniper.

    Get it Sized to Fit

    Absolutely the best choice for anyone looking to bring a sense of security into their homes, the shotgun is the first line of defense for both gun enthusiasts and amateurs. In addition, they lend themselves extremely well to customization. A shotgun is a large weapon, to be sure and has a kick that can send more than a few newbies flying backwards. If you are considering owning one, it is more than worth it to consult an expert to help you pick out the best style of shotgun based on your needs. For example, will a tactical shotgun be best? Or, do you plan to hunt with it making it a dual purpose shotgun?

    Finally, if you’ve never fired one before, make sure you take it to the gun range and shoot it. It’s always a good idea to practice with any gun to make sure that if the time comes, you actually know what you’re doing.

    You don’t have to become a statistic or victim. A shotgun is the best choice for successful home defense, especially when you consider that just the sound of the slide could send anyone willing to do you harm packing.
  2. I couldn't make it to the bottom. I'm sorry this is filled with nonsense.

    intimidating? give me a break. They even mention little old lady's I can imagine my 90lb grandma picking up a 12GA shotgun, and then shooting it HA

    Not to mention you cant hear sh*t or see after you fire a shot gun indoors.

    An the spread myth has been proven null many a time.

    No thank you, I'll keep my 995ts locked and loaded baby.
    Light, and easy to move, and comparatively quiet and low in flash.

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    Yeah Ic, I thought it was an interesting article. Sounds like a really one-sided opinion from the writer. Just thought it might generate some feedback or make some members that depend on the ole 12 ga. as their primary quick response weapon think about it a little. Your right about the SG spread also. My 590 with buck in it has a 12" pattern at 25 yds. That's way bigger than the average area in a house. At 10 yards (more like a house, it's more like 4-6 inches). I have the SA-XD .40 closer to me than the shotgun. But, I know it's there as a backup;)
  4. The shot gun has always been an okay option. And in a world 30 years ago where everyone had hunting rifles. It was the best option.

    But now a days if your going out to buy a HD gun. I wouldn't pick a shot gun.

    Now if your planning on fighting off more than one person, outside, or prepping a nice short 12ga is certainly a good option.
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    Because heavy recoil, low capacity, and the requirement to manually cycle ammunition into the action for each shot all make good home defense features for new shooters, particularly little old ladies who are worried about home invasions?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  6. After stating this in the article, the writer doesn't complete the line of thought that a shotgun would be even simpler to hide? What trash...
  7. Outlaw

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    True point. But, I don't even bother trying to hide mine :rolleyes:
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    Who is the author and why should anyone listen to him (or her)?
  9. Outlaw

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    It states it right at the top of the article. Came from article
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    My Taurus JUDGE fills the home defense slot pretty well. At 15 feet it has a large spread with #6 shot. I took a 2 foot by 2 foot piece of cardboard to the range and from 15 feet away the entire piece was covered with holes. Hard to miss with that kind of spread.
  11. That's true. But I suggest you do some penetration tests with what ever ammo you want to use for HD.
    I have a single shot .410 handgun 4" barrell and #6 wouldn't even go through a apple juice jug filled with water. It broke the bottle but all the shot was still inside. From 5 feet.
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    I am not a big fan of a shotgun for home defense.

    It's not practical to keep one loaded and easily accessible and also keep it safe from children. Not that I can think of anyways...maybe someone has a good idea on that.

    I get the idea of the "intimidation factor" of the noise of the pump action....but why do that when you could just keep a shell in the chamber?

    Of course, not keeping one in the chamber could help with the first problem and provide the pucker effect.

    Also, I am not a fan of a long gun for in home defense, at least not in my house. Mine is a regular house, build wise, but same baisc idea as a double wide trailer or pre-manufactured house. The layout just isn't conducive to a long gun.

    Of course, some of these may not be concerns for others.

    I do like the idea of a Judge for home defense though, wouldn't mind that one bit. If I had the $500 or so I might do it.
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    Talk to me about recoil from the Judge. .45ACP? .44 mag? Something a small, recoil sensitive person can handle? Never shot one and, no, I'm neither small nor recoil sensitive. Lookin at HD for my sister
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Pretty poor writing.

    "If you are forced to actually fire the shotgun, it is the best possible option for an inexperienced and terrified shooter. "

    What if you are NOT inexperienced, or terrified?:confused:

    " flooded with hormones, leaving you unable to make logical choices in any capacity."

    If you are unable to make logical choices...should you be walking around your house with a loaded shotgun?:rolleyes:
  15. Rachgier

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    Only if you're wearing superman skivvies and a cape.
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    I have a .410 pump. I do not use it for home protection, but would not hesitate to use it as such if needed. Put some bad a$$ PDX1 in it and it would definitely get the job done. It's not about what "I" use or "what you should" use, it's about what the home owner is confident with.
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    When we were first married we lived in a second story apartment with a down stairs outside entrance. We didn't lock the door this one time and about 5 am I heard the entrance door open and some heavy foot steps comming up the stairs. I reached for my 12 gauge pump and slamed the action open and closed. Who ever it was ran down the stairs at the speed of light as I made my way down the hallway to the stairs. I never saw anyone outside.
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    The recoil is far less than a 44 mag but certainly not suited for your sister. I would guess a little heavier recoil than a 45 acp.
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    I don't know. E can shoot my Governor just fine so can my 13 year old.
  20. fatal-bert33

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    The #6 shot only needs to penetrate an eyelid and is loaded in the first cylinder . The next 4 shots are 000 buck. A knowledgeable friend of mine suggested that order.