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  1. Okay, so here's the deal. My wife says she wants to start shooting with me - wow. You gotta know my wife, this is a big deal. Next, it's sales days all over the place. Then I see a Walther 22LR pistol on sale at Gander for $240. I went to see it - it's thin, and light, and it's a 22. It's a bit small for me, but would be perfect fit for her. It also doesn't have the heavy trigger my KT does. And ammo is about $15 for box of 500 - wish my 9 and 40 was that cheap.

    So....... should I get it? This would be pistol #6 for me. I'm thinking the 9MM might be a bit heavy / kick for her to start out on - she has NEVER touched a gun in her life. And that price is the lowest I've seen anywhere.

    What to do.........
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    Talk to her... Is she willing to train for carry or just shoot from time to time? If it is 22lr get her something more of a target gun. like a Ruger MkII or a SW 22A... If it is carry get her a 4 inch 38. This can teach her to shoot and wont beat her up.

  3. Don't worry if she's not willing to keep shooting. It would be great if she kept it up that would be great, and I think the walther is just the gun to let her have fun. And while it may seem too small for you, you will still shoot the snot out of it and think it's a hoot because it is a great gun. And you can get ammo even cheaper then 15/500. You'll love it, I promise.
  4. Do you know anyone that owns a 22 pistol that you could borrow first?

    Be a shame to buy one and after a couple of clips she doesnt like it.
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    try renting from the range for a day. thats what i di with my wife, it turns out she likes my c9 anyway.
  6. I'd try borrowing or renting one first and make sure she likes it. But if do get the 22, you'll like it too. A 22 is great for target practice! and +1 on the cheap ammo.
  7. Great thoughts guys. I really want to get my wife to the range - and I really don't want to lose the savings on the gun. So, I'm gonna look for a 22 somewhere and see what she thinks. If she gets the same rush I got when I first started shooting..... who knows!
  8. I hope she does, but we cant expect them to love them just because we do :wink:

    Good luck!!!
  9. Buy it.

    I got my wife a P-22 and she loves it, she's been shooting for almost a year now and got her CCW and we're looking for an upgrade in caliber for her but no big rush. She really likes the gun, weight, size, ammo cost, lack of recoil, etc.

    Now if only I can get her to clean her own gun...
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    My wife is in the Army. SHe is a good shot witht the M9, My C-9, My XD9 and that is on a guy scale.

    When It came time for her to pick out a pistol all she wanted was the P22 She really didn't care for all the other's.

    So taking this non manly gun home, Some of th guys joked about it being such a wussy gun.

    Well I asked them Witch one would like to stand in front of it while a pull the trigger. I am sure you can guess the Number of takers on that.

    There was also some talk about accuracy. Thus I had to ask them what there score was last time they qualled on the M9.

    Sad that there score was less than the wife. Her 275, Them highest was 250 some.

    Thus get her what she wants not what you want.

    It will be her's to shoot and then decide to upgrade or not. It is not yours to decide that you feel she needs to upgrade.

    No offence but My wife can shoot like a son BEET, And she likes that little P22.
  11. Its a great little pistol, no manly problems when I shoot it. Great for rapid fire. When Primal and I were doing drills I shot two mags as fast as I could pull the trigger and missed only one round. Feel free to post some of those vids Primal.
  12. When my wife started shooting it was with a walther p22 now she carrys a kel tec p3at. If you have a lil money to put out it's worth it. Now she has 4 pistols of her own.
  13. Not a wussy gun at all but a fun gun, I have no problem shooting the P-22 at the range and several guys have them.
  14. The last few times I have been able to get my wife to the range is because I bought the P-22. Now, I paid about 40 bucks more than what you are going to pay, but hey, thems the breaks. You are going to love that pistol. When I do go to the range, I shoot all my pistols from .22 to .50 AE but the one I shoot the most is the P-22. Nuff said.
  15. Lots of good suggestions above. I would like to add that, if you haven't done so already, both of you should sign up for a basic handgun training class: Her because (just a guess here) she has not fired a handgun before; you as moral/emotional support for her.

    Just my $.02
  16. Amen this. Too many times people get hung up on getting a "proper" gun for CC. Don't worry about it. If she wants a 22, get her a 22. No one said it's the last gun she'll ever want.

    My wife started off with a Bersa Firestorm 22. She loved that little gun, and still does. She learned to shoot with it. She learned to stip it down, and to clean it. She learned to carry it and got used to the idea that she could carry a gun with her all the time. Whe SHE was ready, she made the decision to get a Glock 19 as her carry gun.

    In the meantime, she was far from unarmed with that little Bersa (an excellent choice BTW). And most importantly, she had FUN with it.

    I'm not a big fan of the Walther, mostly because of it's lack of a decocker. If it had one, we'd have probably gotten one rather than the Bersa, but that was a deal breaker for me.
  17. Uhm, The Walther P-22 does have a decocker.
  18. Well, the one I looked at didn't. If it did, it didn't work. Either way, I passed.