Should The American Public be Seeing the ISIS Videos?

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  1. Disclaimer:
    1. This will probably get moved to the dark rooms but for those free users out there I will give it a shot.
    2.i will mention some disgusting things. But I will not link any of it. Or post pics. If you want to see it use the Google machine.
    3. I'm posting this in my phone. Please ignore any glaring grammatical or spelling errors (I know that's hard for some of you )

    Okay. Now that we got that out.

    I have been slowly reading American Sniper. And thinking a lot about him saying most of us cannot handle the truth about Iraq or Islam.
    Which had me thinking "I can handle it, the public needs to know what it is up against."
    I ended up searching where does isis post it's videos. And a few other Googles to that effect.
    I ended up on an American Sight I don't remember now. But they were making it a point to post screen shots from the videos to show people how evil they really are.
    Honestly I felt sick for the rest of the evening. (Glad I didn't click the links to the vids)

    Regardless when I put my son to bed I sure hugged him a bit tighter and thought "I pray that evil doesn't make it over here. I pray you Don't have to see this in your lifetime"

    While it most definitely fueled my anger, and showed me the gruesome side something that sinks much deeper than CNN's "ISIS be headed 22 people today, and in other news..."

    It left me thinking maybe we really can't handle the truth. We have been so sheltered from the grim realities or war and human nature. But should we see the truth? What really happens? What kind of monsters it takes to carry out these things?

    What do you think?
  2. tjulian

    tjulian Member

    I think that its not that they can handle the truth, its that they don't want to know the truth.

    People need to understand there is extreme brutality all over the world.

    I could go on but I don't feel like typing a lot this morning.

  3. SWAGA

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    Yes and no.
    You don't need to see the full thing in all it's barbaric glory to understand what's going on.
    And full unedited gory stuff is freely available for viewing or download if you so please.

    Showing that on msm is not going to change the 'news' or informational or journalistic value.
    At that point it just becomes gore TV.
  4. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    If enough people would actually wake up to what is happening, we'd quit playing touchy feely with these animals, and remove them, and everyone who agrees with them, from the face of the earth.
  5. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I think they should. You can see the same type of gore and violence in movies. I think if people saw the horrors these extremists are inflicting on people it might motivate them to push for the appropriate response. They are not following the rules set out by the Geneva or Hague Conventions, so why should we? Our foreign policy back in the day was to walk softly and carry a big stick, I think it's high time we drove some spikes in to a baseball bat and start swinging for the fences.
  6. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Works for the Israelis......
  7. I strongly agree.

    Interesting the same website showed syrian rebels that are being supplied by us doing the same style be heading on the Iraqi army we are trying to train.
    And some of the Iraqi army doing the same to isis. Kind of brings to mind why Chris kyle referenced them all to savages.
  8. There is stuff just as gore ridden in tvma horror shows.

    I recognize that is shouldn't be on 7 o clock evening news.
    Buy unless you actively search for it you won't see it. And when you do its on some disgusting websites that show all kinds of gore with no regard. Murder videos. Dismemberment. Just terrible stuff.
    You can't see what we are up against with out being on a site where they make fun of innocent people being slaughtered and tortured.
  9. SWAGA

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    Let me rephrase my original answer.
    We, living in a free society with access to information, have the choice which version we wish to see.
    It's easy enough to find.

    One of the ISIS strategies in training is desensitizing.
    A new 'western' recruit who is relatively 'normal' can't go from a dead end life and a menial job to lobbing off heads without some serious psyops going on.
    They also train children and force them to kill (behead) captured combatants.

    It's so bizarre it almost defies all logic; you get captured and you get beheaded by an 8 year old in a classroom setting....
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  10. Think1st

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    I would venture to say that modern movies, TV shows and video games have done enough to desensitize our young people to wanton violence and craven savagery. The same goes for the adult population. Sure, ISIS uses the videos to promote their agenda and recruit new members, but I have a hard time believing that normal people will be influenced to join them because they are so impressed with what they see. The Westerners who join them are the same kinds of losers in life who would join Neo-Nazi groups or carry out so-called lone wolf attacks. Those people are already broken in the head, and they join ISIS because it looks like the best of all whacko groups out there. If they weren't to join ISIS, they'd end up joining some other group of morons or doing something stupid on their own.

    Hiding the truth about what ISIS does from the American public does nothing to undermine the fundo-douche agenda. It only serves to sugar coat the truth. I've seen some of their full-length videos that depict their atrocities, and all it did was serve to further bolster an already seething contempt for them. It would do the same for the rest of the American public that is somewhat normal.

    When we self-censor anything, no matter how distasteful, we open the door to further self-censorship and tolerance of other imposed censorship. That stifles intellectual debate, something that does not promote vibrant statesman-like discussion between individuals and between political figures. It's about high time for a little mature objectivity to emerge from the playground-like field of debate.
  11. Outlaw

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    Yes, they all should know! Kids should be taught it in high school. That way they can see what to look forward to in the future. After all, they'll be running this country in 20 or so years. As long as we have the sold out media tards in this country and like politicos who attempt to shelter us from the truth or downplay the events or lean toward that pathetic ideology (and yes, they are truly out there) it is destined to get worse. Anyone that can't see it creeping in from DC on down is either turning a blind eye or outright ignorant. We as Americans have gotten lazy. As long as we have our nice house, fine car, good job and all the bennies that go with it, we look the other way. One day, and probably sooner than we think, we'll be like Britain or France and by then it will be too late. No-one thinks it could happen. :foilhat: I truly hope I'm wrong, but that will take some superb convincing. You folks with young school age children really should look deep into what your kids are learning in school. It very well may shock a lot of you. O.K., I've had my rant for the day. I'll go back to what I was doing...nothing ;)
    P.S. I wasn't referring to the members of this forum being ignorant or turning a blind eye. I don't think you'd be frequenting this site if you were.
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    I still think that ISIS is a construct of the failed ME policies, in concert with the CIA.

    There, Pookie. Like that better? ;)
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  17. undeRGRound

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    That's the same measure by which we say people should use the media (of all types) in all other instances. What works for entertainment will work for news. +1
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  20. Like an attack in a gun free zone? Maybe a big mall in Minnesota?

    FWIW. The linked item displays no violence.

    :foilhat: But I think the video was done by the :mumy::mumy:so that the :greet: get the $ that is tied up in Congress. [edited for content]

    Please do not advocate violence on the forum.
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