SHTF situation developing in Florida

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  1. Massive power outage. 4.4 million without power.... wait untill it gets dark.... see what happens.
  2. Yeah no kidding!!!! All of you in Flordia Godspeed!


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    4.4 million some in Miami all the way up the east coat to Daytona affected Fox is reporting NRC says Turkey Point Nuke stationhad 2 reactors trip and shut down They are also calling "A brown out"

    4.4 million a brownout? Go figure that one out!
  4. CNN barely mentions this, Fox news has it wall to wall. Looks like a Nuclear Power Plant problem.

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    Now reaching Orlando and Tampa Bay last report 98% of Fla out of power and some have restored but not many

    No one knows if it was Power plant trip started it or was cause for Plants to trip. Lord help em if they don't restore it before dark
  6. 98%, where did you hear that?.... anyways, 430pm in FL right now... wonder how bad rush hour will be.
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    I'm in Miami and thank god we got our power back about an hour ago. What cluster**** it would have been getting out of here. I have a 34 mile drive home and getting out of Miami already takes damn near an hour as it is. :shock:

    edited for language. :oops:
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    I was sure hoping things would come back on before nightfall. Did you have your BOB? :wink:
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    Go power company!!!

    Ya know, everyone in most cities starts calling for blood when the power is down for more than 15 minutes, when 99.9 percent of the population doesn't even realize what a miracle the modern power grid IS, and how big it is! It's like troubleshooting a 777 with the equivalent of a Hardware store wall outlet tester.

    And, it only goes to show that while we're all worried about the SHTF situation, sometimes cooler heads prevail with a little faith in our boys in the hard hats.

    Hats off to the linesmen and engineers in Florida!
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    I do not think I would like to see Miami after dark without any power.. But I must say the New Yorkers surprised me during the last one up there. So maybe the folks in Miami would surprise me too.
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    Power is back on in Miami, and it had nothing to do with the nuclear plant. A substation outside Miami had a switching failure, and for some reason the backup systems didn't engage properly. Turkey Point started spooling down the reactors as normal during an 'event', and will probably keep them off-line a few days until they make sure everything is cool with the rest of the grid.
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    absolutely!! in fact it was my flashlights we used in the office. Funny how the same people who lagh at me for my contigency planning were the same people using my lights. :roll:
  13. During the late 80's I was stationed down in Key West Fla and ex's mom lived in Homestead. We were up visiting with her when the riots broke out in several of the outlying not so good communities around Miami. It didnt take me long to get my family packed up and headed back down US1 to Key West. Miami Beach is nice, but I dont care one bit for the rest of the area.

    I remember fishing with the ex's step dad out by the Turky Point Power Plant on one particular visit. It was the first time I had ever caught, or even seen, a Flounder. I pulled the fish up and was looking at it with the reactor cooling towers in the background. Not knowing what a Flounder looked like I cut it loose thinking it was some mutated fish that had came from contaminated waters around the reactor....LOL!
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    Tell me about it! I'm in the heart of Liberty City!! Love the Keys though. Done the Duvall Crawl on many a weekend.

  15. I bet you thought that was some Homer Simpson stuff didn'tcha? LMAO! That's HILARIOUS!

    I was watching Fox News about this FL Blackout, and man, some of the video footage of the traffic was nuts. Godspeed to our members in FL for sure!
  16. The reactors are automatically designed to scrub if a substation goes down. The sudden feedback can cause the main generators to fail. It turn, the power shifts to the next station which does the same thing. Eventually, substation breakers pop to disconnect from the grid. After that, its just a matter of turning things back on.

    Anyone remember the last NE blackout?
  17. I live in Ft Lauderdale area and never lost power.
  18. I have heard that there was a fire near the Turkey point reactor and that is what caused it to shut down. Didn't lose power here in the northern part of the state but it definately made me start to think about what was in my ghb just in case.
  19. I don't think there will be too many problems in Florida. With the Castle Doctrine in full force, I believe the bad guys probably won't come out in any kind of numbers.
  20. Our power went out for a bit last night, only for a brief 15 min. But no clue why. What made me feel uncomfortable was, power went out, walked outside to sounds off multiple 4 wheelers speeding around. I dunno why it made me uneasy, but it did. Last night I realized that I am not prepared for a SHTF in an attack situation. Or a night attack to make it worse. None of my flashlights worked. Cept one, that didn't have any batteries in it. So I was fumbling around in the dark with a little light from my phone, to get batteries from non working lights, to working ones. I need glow sticks. At least I could easily get to my ammo box, and guns hanging on the wall. But what good if I can't see? But I am glad I was able to see this so I could fix it. Also, my stuff wasn't organized. Belt with mag pouch, bayonet, and gun holster under bed. Mags in ammo box rather than pouch. Pistol in the truck, rather than where I can grab it. That is just a few things off the top of my head. I really need to take a good look at what I have, and organize it.