Sick... who else has gotten this darn flu?

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  1. Headache, nose running, throat's on fire... I hate this time of year, I don't get nearly this sick during June/July
  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I was out for 4 days week before last... It was all that with cough and bronchial thing... :twisted: :twisted:

  3. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I just need to avoid Yuma, and all that AO in AZ to ensure I dont get sick.
    Two trips: twice got sick. The second time, I am glad I was there only overnight, and headed off to Bisbee.
  4. whole family got it.......... argh!
  5. not me! i dodged 2 rounds of it at work and a round at home with the
    wife and kids!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D :D
  6. Oh go jump off a cliff *grumble*
  7. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    I think I might get it just in time to not have to get to work at 7am tomorrow in 10in of snow :)
  8. MSCHU24

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    It sounds like I had what ARI had but mine lasted for a week and still have a cough 2 weeks later. I had sinus/inner ear problems from it this weekend and spent all of Saturday night puking my guts out and sleeping in the bathroom for about 5 hours because I couldn't move and everything was spinning. I think that might be the sickest I have ever felt.
  9. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I got a cold with a slight fever...and Here in Korea we have the wonderful Yellow Sand...makes it so much worse...
  10. browwiw

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    I work at a sewer plant. I don't get sick anymore. I mean...all those germs can't get in at once, can they?

    (seriously, though, I get a bunch of free inoculations through my work)
  11. Ditto ears are still holding fluid from the "leftover" of this flu which by the way, it's the worst I've felt since having a bout with pneumonia about 30 years ago!
  12. I got it about 3 weeks ago. Never lost my appetite or threw up but physically felt like I was hit by a bus. Lasted only a day but the cough never went away. Now yesterday I go to work only to get sick again in short order and come back home and literally crash on the couch for several hours, sweating like a lady of ill repute in the front pew! Go to bed, wake up this morning feeling almost exactly the same. Can't cough cause it feels like my head will explode! This is the worst I've been hit in a few years. Thankfully though I am not puking, I hate puking!
  13. Jettster

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    I had it, then my girlfriend had it, then I got the stomach bug, then she got the stomach bug. It doesn't help that she's a middle school teacher. Seriously, the entire month of Feb was just a blur, it sucked. I've never been sick like this. I got the flu shot, but they picked the wrong strain this year and everyone I know in MD has gotten it this year.
  14. Uraijit

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    I never get the flu shot... I RARELY ever get the flu. Flu shot is a joke.
  15. I'm well now. I think.

    But I crapped down sick three weeks ago, starting with innocent sniffles, and followed by two weeks of hacking up bloody phlegm.

    Nasty, and I've only reached the level of Jedi snot-master in the last two days.

    Sniff, and Grrr
  16. I woke up with this crap this morning. Weird thing is I haven't been around anyone thats been sick. :?
  17. Well, that part's gone, now it turns out I might have asthma?!?!? Stupid doctors... *grumble*.
  18. p7196

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    fanatic everyone in my family has had the flu. My youngest got it and then got pink eye to go with it. Then the rest of us got the darn flu. When everyone was over it I got it again. We all got the flu shot. The doc said this was a strain not covered in the vaccine. So it was a waste of time to take it. She said she had not seen anyone with the strains covered. Even from uninoculated patients.
  19. Thorn 242

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    my kid got it bad...threw up for three days straight...btw...never feed chili dogs to a kid during flu season.....then my wife got it.....bad diarea, and now it went ointo her joints....almost as bad as pms.....i keep missin the bullt though...
  20. p7196

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    Sounds like time for an extended hotel stay.[​IMG]