Side Folding T6 stock on a 4595TS

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    I have been playing around with this for a while. I have a 4595TS and love it. It would be better with a longer length of pull, I am a big guy.( 6'6" about 250lbs)
    Scott got me going on this, I am sorry it took me so long, But I have many projects going and I do not see this being a paying gig.

    After looking at the law in Florida I read it to be the 26" OAL is at the extended length, There are states that are 26" at the shortest so be advised that you need to know your laws.

    I bought a stock off of Ebay, In case I messed up so bad it needed it to go in the garbage. It turns out that the stock I bought made life a little harder on me.

    The side folding adaptor I used is a UTG Model 47. I got mine from JSE Surplus for about $25 shipped. I will say that the use of this side folder added almost 2" to the length of pull.

    The first thing to do is cut up a perfectly good stock. I have a cheap band saw that did the job just fine.


    I made the cuts on the lines and cut off all the blue. It would have better to get it shorter. Maybe a 995 would be able to , but the 45 and the 40 need all the length for the slide to go all the way back.


    This is what we are going for.

    I will space this out over a couple of posts. It took me about a week to come up with a plan, A couple of weeks to get the materials on hand, and about 4 months to get off my butt and do it.( I have not completed it yet, I need to finish the look of the mod and test it out as of today)

    Stay tuned and I will get everyone up to date.
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    Why have you been a member since 2013 and only posted 3 times? Anyway, cool idea. Will look out for the finished product. Welcome, I think

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    I was wondering if this style adapter would work on the TS stocks. It would open some doors if it works. Good luck.
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    What I did today

    So I need to attach the adapter to the cut stock. I found that the AR stock will fit into a 1" sch40 pvc pipe coupler. I took a coupler and cut it into. I know that I need all the length that I can save. I used Loctite heavy duty epoxy. It is runny as hell but you need it to flow as best as it can. There are a lot of little nooks and crannies in the cut stock. The adapter is under the blue tape. The epoxy is very runny and I was trying to keep it off everything.


    I put the half of the coupler onto the stock and then installed the UTG adapter. With the adapter folded there is a small hole that allowed me to fill it with epoxy.

    After letting it dry for about an hour I installed the T6 stock.


    The length of pull is long, But at the shortest length it feels good. The only problem I can see is the charging handle is in the way of the stock folding. So we will make the charging handle fit on the right side instead of the left.
    My Hi-Point has my charging handle on it. It is about a 1/4" bigger both ways than the stock knob.

    I cut the right side of the shroud to accept the charging handle. I will need to go back and put a 1/2" hole for the bolt hold open to work.


    I had to run to the hardware store and get a 1/4-20 bolt 1 1/2" long to work on the right side. It had a bunch of slop in it so I thought about what to sleeve the bolt with. I came up with a carbon arrow. It was about made for it with a .305 od and a .240 id. I had to take a little off the bolt with a dremel to get it to fit the arrow shaft. I played around with the length to get the bolt tight and came up with about 1 1/16" length of the sleeve.


    The small sanding drum for the dremel works perfect. At 5/16" it is able to duplicate the slot on the left side of the shroud.


    I think it looks really good to this point.

    Will post the rest of the work later.

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    I have been a lurker for a long time.
    Just did not have a whole lot to say. I belong to a bunch of forums and mainly just get info and ideas off them.
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    Wheres pics of the stock on the heater man?

    Ive been toying with the idea of a skeletonized folder on my 4095. Found two great sites with adapters that allow the use of various stocks. I have to keep in mind that my significant other, whos all of 5 feet tall, needs to be able to use the firearm.

    But right now i have another project going on it. A mock, integrated supressor, barrel shroud. Next project is right side charging handle. One project at a time. Its always nice to have the proper tools and experience to do these things.
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    The Rest of the Story

    Ok we have moved the charging handle to the right side, The stock folds to the left. If you are a lefty you will not have to move the handle.


    Here it is folded.


    Folded with the stock extended you have plenty of room to get to the trigger and pistol grip

    You can see I had to retrofit the pins for the Shroud. The stock I bought did not have the keepers for the original pins so I went this route to keep from bugging MOM. I am sure they would have sent me what was on the Classic monkey stocks but I just got them for a new firing pin so I will handle this myself.

    Ok some Pictures:

    Folded with stock retracted





    Over All Length folded

    I am thinking of using some bondo to blend the pvc coupling into the stock and fill the hole left in the bottom. I still need to put a 1/2" hole for the bolt hold open to work and then we will paint her.

    If you have any questions post them up while this is still fresh in my head.

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    Very cool I like it alot
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    Now it can hang out with my 995.


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    You mean your long barreled TMP. :D

    Thats the one that gave me idea of a buttstock change.
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