Sig 556 or AR

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  1. Jettster

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    So, I'm trying to decide. I've never owned an AR, and ever since I saw I Am Legend, I've been jonesing for one. But the Sig seems to be badarse and super reliable. Any suggestions?
  2. HPHooked

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    Both systems have their advantages. The Sig is a product improved AR with an op rod in place of the direct gas impingment of the original AR-15/M-16 rifles. However, I like keeping my money here in the USA. Besides, you can get 2 DPMS rifles for the cost of a Sig 556.

  3. elguapo

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    He pretty much summed that up in a nutshell.
  4. Jettster

    Jettster Member

    I didn't see the lower priced DPMS at my recent gun show. The 556 I saw was $1200 and the RRA AR was also $1200 and the DPMS' I saw were $900. Any good ideas?
  5. CBags04

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    Unless you can get your hands on a Sig 551 then just get an AR. The 556 grip and stock are very cheaply made. This is not the best rendition of this weapons system.
  6. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member

    Another option is the Olympic Arms Plinker. A friend of mine has one and it is very accurate and reliable. This is the one I was thinking of when I mentioned the DPMS. :oops:

    It's a lower end AR but still provides all of the firepower and accuracy that the AR platform can deliver. And the price is right for an entry level weapon of this type. :wink: :)
  7. Thayldt21

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    I built my AR or just over 700$$ and it wouldhave only been 550$ but i opted with a couple extras i didnt need just wanted. And later i still have the option to ad a gas piston system.
    I think whatever you choose you will love it.
  8. Silicon Wolverine

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    another option is an AR-180B. all the advantages of an AR (AR mags, triger groups and spare parts) and none of its disadvantages. Its a short stroke gas piston rifle with p[olymer frame and furniture. It doesnt have the aftermarket support the ARs do but neither does a SIG 556. you can land them for under 750 if you shop around.

  9. Kagern

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    I have a Olympic Plinker (KJ, 16" barrel, A2 stock, A1 sights) that I got for $649, NIB. I love it.

    I would love a 55x, but only for the same reason I'd want a Corvette. That is of course to demonstrate that I had bigger gonads then the guy in the next lane.
  10. bikeman

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    I got a DPMS Panther Lite for $700.00 NIB. Now that I have finished it out the way I want I probably have spent over $1,500.00 (including the price of the rifle), but it is exactly the way I want it and ready for duty.