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    I've wanted a Sig p226 for a while now, but they're fairly expensive ~ $800-900. There are two "clones" of the P226 that are less than half the price, but I don't know how they stack up against the Sig: the Zastava CZ999 and the Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm. I've read that the CZ999 is built like a tank and dead on accurate out of the box, but parts can be hard to find. Bersas have a good name, but I don't know much about this particular model. The Bersas are about $399, and the CZ999 is about $299.

    I'm thinking of ordering one of these, but I'd like to hear if anyone here has used/owned either of these two guns. What are your impressions?
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    Why not just get a sig sp2022? I picked up one a couple of months ago, and I love it. Sig quality without the huge price. ( mine was $349.99 new )

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    Here is mine.

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    Looks like the Bersa has more features.

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    Check out the Canik TP9 if you're looking for a $300 gun. More a Walther clone, but still a good gun
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    I would try to find a Sig police trade in. Cdnn has some for $389 but have the DAK trigger