SIG P6/225 range report with target pics

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    OK the first 8 round mag was shot off target to verify function and safety of weapon. All is well.

    For all targets, called flyers are X-ed out. Targets are man sized, IDPA paldin clones. I had about a 15 MPH crosswind from teh left so all the hits tended to drift a little. When i get a still day ill go do it again to check for windage adjustments.

    The first group was shot at 7 yards, slow fire for accuracy. Thts the one in the center. all other groups were shot with sight-aquire-fire technique, as fast as i could pull the trigger. The top group is 10 yards.


    20 yards S-A-F


    50 yards S-A-F 9mm hits are circled in black the others are .22


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    Wow that works for me......