Sig Sauer P250

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  1. New weapon here I purchased. It is set up for a "lefty". Because of this NEW model handgun, Sig Sauer does not make a "lefty" holster YET for this model. Any suggestions as to where I can find/get an outside of the belt lefty holster that will accept this 4" barrel model. Sorry, no one at the Company could help me :roll: on this.
    Until Sig makes one, I need one for now. Any help would really be appriciated.
  2. Let me rephrase.......I did not purchase it, my friend did (I don't have $600.+ to spend on a firearm!).

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    I've seen reviews and watched videos. Looks like a very nice piece, although I appologize for changing the subject, I don't know anything about holsters for it :(