*sigh* Am I turning into a chick?

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Am I Turning Semi-Chick?

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  3. Only at night, alone, with alcohol lol

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  1. Stuck out her in the middle of nowhere Missouri, with an old VCR with only 5 movies, all of them at least 10 years old or so. One of them was "The Wedding Singer". Wasn't until I saw it that I realized there weren't any females (well, there are two, but as they're both lesbians they don't count) within a hundred miles and damn it would be nice to have some company. Movie = emotion??? That's ok for war movies, but a romantic comedy? What's happening to me? lol That isn't happening, so I'm going to go get some drink. Cheers!
  2. 69burbon

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    Good luck with that!! :p

  3. The only thing out here to do really is drink, and considering how much it sucks the job kinda makes you an alcoholic by default lol.
  4. where you at ad what ya doing bubba?
  5. Nearest town of any significance is Winona, about 15 miles away (I was exagerating a little bit). I think there's a gas station about 15 minutes away... not quite sure. I'm on the AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team, and we're tasked with responding to disasters nationwide with FEMA, and doing firefighting both in Missouri and occasionally out west. Unfortunately, this year for political reasons we've been shafted and kept out of most of the action, and are stuck doing the most mind numbing busy work on the planet (helping the US Forest Service and Missouri Dept. of Conservation cutting down invasive bushes and spraying round up on them). Utter complete waste of my time... I'd much rather have stayed home and be riding the fire truck. And due to being out of town 22 days a month, its impossible to establish a relationship back home :(. So yeah, c'est la vie...
  6. Good luck with your pre-midlife crisis dude. Seriously, I hope it gets better for you.
  7. Thanks man. It'll change... whether or not I can stick this out until August 15th (last day of contract) is another story. So tempted just to up and go right now; living in a new city, few friends, and a job I absolutely hate. Don't want to go back home, but I need to get some form of balance going, ya know? Tell ya this much, as soon as a better job comes along I'm jumping ship like nobody's business.
  8. Hey, maybe the lesbians would let you watch. If you let them duct tape you to the chair and put a piece over your mouth, that is.
  9. No... one of them doesn't find the other attractive. And they both are a bit butch anyway. And they both have other gf's. Three strikes :(.
  10. Damn, guess you struck out man. I'll be praying for you. :wink: :)
  11. 'Preciate it. I'll be praying for me too :)
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    Better you than me. My only gripe this whole trip, has been the spotty internet connection in the room.
  13. This is rare that I DO have internet connection. Considering there isn't phone service, even that's amazing (how they have it I have no idea... no cable, no sattelite dish, it's not dial up as far as I know, and in the middle of nowhere as we are there wouldn't be a FIOS line or anything around here). Oh well, hopefully I can get a sympathy visit from this woman I know when I get home :).
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    Man, I just finished up a contract about 1 hour west of you on 60 (now I'm in the north part of the state). Seymoure, MO. Beautiful country around there. Is it still Amish country that far east?
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    i think this thread needs a poll on chick or not. :)

  16. Have yet to see a buggy... they were all over back in Deleware and Pennsylvania though. And poll added by popular request :)
  17. Woot!!! 1st vote:

    I thought the alcohol comment was most appropriate...

    Semi what?? :shock:
  18. Well, I'm not crying into a box of tissues and hugging my girlfriends after watching titanic, so I'm not turning into a complete chick lol.
  19. Dude, you're a Were-Woman... You turn into a sniveling little ______ at the full moon, or whenever you consume too many strawberry daquires, OR when you mention the most GAY movie of all time.

    That's it dude, your man card has been revoked!

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    I chose.....door number 3 :)