*sigh* Bad apples and some good ones

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    I can not properly reply to this thread without cursing.

  2. They have units willing to fight and units not willing to fight. Nothing new.

    I had (he is passed away) an uncle that was 11B and ended up with a row of machine gun bullets across his chest from fighting in Italy in WWII. Bronze and Silver Stars.

    They were attacked by German troops and the US unit to their flank broke and ran. They were on the verge of being wiped out when a British artillery unit filled the gap and held the Germans off until reinforcements arrived. He always had respect for the British after that.

    My uncle hated that unit that broke and ran until the day he died.
  3. I think something like a third of all US troops in Korea would fire their weapons in the air during the war instead of at the enemy... a mix of not wanting to kill, fear, poor training, etc. Never had confirmation of that statistic, but I found it interesting.
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    Not at all surprised. How sad. But this is and has been a prob, they are only soldiers collecting a pay check till some kind of fight breaks out, then they cut and run, not new bizz.

    Sad as it is.
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    quick fix solution: Execute deserters
    long term: Evac all foreign personnel. Nuke. Pave.
    harsh, but those people do not understand democracy, nor will they accept it in the long run.
  6. It's their country, and they don't even want to try to bring stability. That's why I say... no matter when we pull out, tomorrow or 50 years from now, there will be a civil war when we leave.
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    Affirmative. It better not be 50 years though. They understand the sword. We should give it to them.
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    I actually heard the exact opposite, that only 1/3 of men on the line in WWII and Korea actually aimed at the enemy.
  9. Either way it's a ridiculous number if you think about it. Even 10% of the troops doing that is a crummy statistic.
  10. we will be saddled to this country for years. they are unwilling to "take the reins" as it were, being content with us playing babysitter.