*sigh* I hate you guys sometimes.

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  1. Not sure how I'm exactly going to do this, but after seeing pic after pic of modded 995s, I've taken it upon myself to see what I can do to my 4095. Not sure exactly how I'm going to get a rail system on it with the stock the way it is, but where there's a will there's a way. I'll probably stop short of doing anything that would require permanently damaging the stock unless I'm 100% sure it would work and get the concept signed off on by someone more knowledgable than I, but if nothing else this is a good way to productively kill some time (and put off cleaning) :).
  2. Edit: Going to get replacement parts from Hi-Point first. Just noticed 3 screws are missing (I thought the stock was a bit loose...).

  3. Hey Fanatic, just tell me what the barrel diameter is on a 4095 and I'll make sure my next project fits it.
  4. Don't have a tape measure... hopefully someone else will most. I think if I take the front sight off I can fit an adjustable 2 slot rail on the end of the barrel... I'll keep everyone posted (pardon the pun).
  5. I need it to be a bit more accurate than a tape measure measurament. Calipers needed. The 995 diameter is .609 or 39/64".
  6. That is def. beyond what I can give you then.
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    If memory serves me well, I think the 4095 barrel is at .620. Will bring home my calipers tonight and shoot ya those numbers again after I verify.
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    Oh SURE! Blame US for your desire to modify. I mean, where the hell would you even get such an exotic idea? I really have no idea what you're talking about

    *Shovels the multiple Mosin-Nagant parts, chrome kit and dismantled HP .40 into the drawer of his desk*
  9. And by "you guys", I mostly meant you lol.
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    That's NEO for ya. Always raising, or causing, a ruckus about something. :lol:
  11. "you guys" isn't that generalizing? I might just resemble that statement.
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    Aaaahhh. We're all a bunch of rabble rousers around here. We all resemble that remark. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    OK so my memery is shot. The actual barrel diameter is .660, of course I did get .604 on the 995 :) Run with it Bushman98 !!!
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    I got caught with the customize bug for the 995.

    I want to add rails to the bottom and sides and I want a different color black on it...argh...but i'm going back to Korea today so...it will have to wait atleast 4 months :(
  15. Annyeonghi Gaeshipsayo! Eat some Kimchi and Bulgogi for me :).
  16. Back to Korea? Ouch, there's some nightmares there... I lived there for over 6 and a half years. My wife lived there for 6 years too. I guess four months isn't too bad.
  17. Nightmares?!?! You sir just don't have the proper appreciation for Asian culture.

    Ok... 6.5 years might be a wee bit much lol.
  18. :roll:
    I would never think about modding my 995 besides adding the 4X scope that came with it.

    ...unless I can convince the gunsmith to put me a Hart bull barrel on it, free floated with a benchrest stock...and a 2 oz. Jewell trigger...maybe a Leupold scope... 8)

    ...so perhaps in the future I COULD resemble that remark...

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    Korea, spent 13 months there in 59-60, loved it.Landed at Kimpo AB, the terminal hadn't been repaired since the last shelling in 53, took a bus 50 miles up a one lane road to Osan AB.Almost every building on the base was a quonset hut.[​IMG] Beer was a dime, cigs $1.10 a carton, a fifth of rum $1.25. I have fond memories of the 50 honeys with whom I slept .
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    Did the penicillin help any?

    :p :p :p :oops: