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    I'm working on customizing, if you can call it that, my 995ts. I've had a bushnell trs-25 on it for about 3 weeks now. I removed the rear sight and have had great accuracy, for a guy that's thrilled just to keep the bullet on the property. Today i got a cheap pair of flip-ups off of amazon. They're ar sights. Long story short, if I get a riser mount for the bushnell to co-witness will I be in good shape? It would seem to me that using a higher set of sights than the factory should push my point of aim way off. Are there any flip-ups that are really low-profile that would more closely resemble the factory height? I'm sorry if some of my terminology is off and I appreciate the help.
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    Give up the whole co-witness thing. You don't need need to cowitness an optic or it would come with what you need to do it. If you want back up sights, use some 45degree offset mounts and do it right.

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    D*mmit talon. It took me like 30 minutes to write that so that I didn't sound like an idiot. Then you shredded me in 2 sentences. Back-up is what I meant. It seems like it would be a tough transition to shoot with the offset.
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    What Talon said..
    As for aquiring the sight picture,,,,,,,
    Not as hard as you may think,, if you have flip ups, flip the rear with your trigger finger,, the front with your oppisite hand, rotate the gun maybe 20* on your shoulder,, and keep firing.
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    Not too mention it looks really tacticool:

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    Talons right. 45° off set is easy to use.
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    I guess it doesn't hurt to try something against what you're comfortable with. Any suggestions on weaver-mount offsets?
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    I had the same dilemma, planning on getting the 45° flip up sights in the future.