Sighting a flair pistol (poor man's judge) WIP

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  1. I purchased this German surplus 26.5mm flair gun last year. Then the 45lc/.410 insert this past fall.

    It hits what you point at more or less. if your within 10yards.

    That works for what I got it for originally (copper heads/rattlers)

    But the more my friends and I shoot it the more I want to use slugs/buck shot/ 45lc. For things like coyotes or a last ditch gun around the house. It's also technically a "ghost gun" until I post pics of it all over the Internet ;-)

    Anyway the goal of this is to simply make this versatile pistol more functional. And therefore more fun. For as cheap as possible.

    First I found an old piece of CPVC lieing around. ID is less than the OD of the gun barrell. (This is intentional)

    To get a good tight fit that is still adjustable I used a hack saw and cut a slot in the bottom. Then used a pair of pliers to open and slide over the barrel.

    Second I orderd a tru-glo fiber optic threaded shotgun bead from amazon. $12.36


    Next I drilled into the pipeing. Starting small and slow until I had a final hole of 3/32.


    Finally I threaded the bead slowly into the pipe. The fiber was loose in the frame after handling so of you are doing this I recommend a small drop of clear super glue.

    I adjusted it by eye to center.


    Next I will try and see where it hits. With a slug or buck from 10 or 15 yards.

    Would love to use some 45lc but it's just to expensive around here.

    After I get it sighted. I'll either cut a notch at the rear. Put a line or two dots.
    When I am happy I'll epoxy it In place. Loc-tite the bead threads.

    And paint it to match the gun.

    Stay tuned if you're interested.
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    I'll be watching. It's interesting indeed. Never know what kind of stuff folks around here will get into!

  3. Cool. Glad to know your interested.

    I'm hoping to get some buckshot. And slugs out of it tonight.
    I'm also supposed to be taking my wife on a date night...
    Only time will tell wich happens
  4. A couple of years ago I thought of purchasing a flare gun along with an insert. Since I no longer have a pistol that shoots 45 Colt, but still have the reloading dies and components, I may rethink the project. Thanks for resurrecting my interest in the venture.
  5. Or, I may consider one of these:

  6. The flair guns and inserts are becoming a lot harder to find. supposedly Kennesaw cannon company stopped making them. They were the biggest producer i know of for the inserts. since the price of the flair guns have gone up as well the cobray/leinad are definitely a contender.

    Advantage to the leinad/cobray: no work required, come ready to go.
    Advantage to the flair pistol: very versatile, and used to be very cheap.
    I paid $39.00 for the pistol, and $55 for the insert and yes i spread the cost out over a couple of months.

    I hope i can still find a 22 insert in a few months, and a 12ga FALIR ONLY insert as well that would lead to maximum versatility.

    Either way, they are a heck of a lot of fun for under $150. and i see the leinads on gun broker go pretty darn cheap, even the double barrel options.

    If i come across some 45LC and test it, i may carry this while deer hunting this year, provided it hits anything within 20 yards now.
  7. FYI ballistics by the inch puts the the federal wad cutter at 800+FPS 224gr from a 3.5 inch barrel. or 318ft-lbs
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  8. A little .410 derringer or converted flare gun in the tackle box is very handy when fishing the skinny waters of the South. A nasty critter called the Cotton Mouth can ruin your fishing trip if not careful and not prepared.
  9. most certainly. These flair guns are well OVER built as well for the little rounds. So they should last pretty much for ever.

    and if the boat flips I will be a lot happier loosing this, then a $400 Bond arms.
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    Since You've already epoxied pvc to Your weapon, why not go whole hog and epoxy some flotation foam to it as well.

    So you don't lose it in the drink.

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    Or tie a flotation to the trigger guard, lanyard style?

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. I like this idea.

    Nothing is permanent yet.
    At least not until I get it sighted. In
    But I like the ideas. Obviously I'm a form follows function kind of guy with this gun. :)
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    Subbing for the "frugal bone" :D
    I see KIRK is already here! :rofl: :cool:
  14. Why bother with flotation? A lanyard would be sufficient, after all, it's not your pappy's Colt Python. In a small boat it may even serve as an anchor. Oh wait, that's what my JCP is for. :p
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    Ya got me pegged.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    I seriously considered a lanyard but, in a small boat, if one is losing their stuff over the side, it usually means someone is getting wet.

    A lanyard could become a choking hazard, or get caught on underwater debris.

    No, better to have the weapon equipped with its own flotation.

  17. After hearing all this I'm glad I don't have a boat!.
    But don't tell the atf that
  18. Oooooookay. It's been raining day. So I did date night instead of sighting this contraption.

    But I did steal 15 minutes after I out the kids to bed. To do some quick stuff.


    I'm sure you are thinking WTH?

    I had this adhesive backed rule so I thought. I would wrap it around it. And when I do sight in. If it is off and rotating the sight one way or the other I can easily mark where I get the best shot.

    So using some calipers. I measured the rear of the frame. Halved it. Drew a line and tried using a paint marker. It's not great. But I only put 15 minutes in and I think it will work.



    If this height is on and I'm lucky then I can paint this better. And avoid grinding away at the lock up. Wich makes me a little nervous.

    Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Still nothing perminate.
  19. undeRGRound

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    So far so good.
    Your paint line is skewed left, but not as far as SwagZy :D
  20. Lol. Yeah a paint pen was a poor choice and I got off center whole moving out.
    Long term I will wipe it off. And try again with nail polish
    I'll take the rest of your sentence ad a compliment :) thank you.