Sighting carbine 995

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    That is the bolt that lets you move the sight up and down.

    There are set screws in the bottom that will let you twist the sights. “Canted sights” means your sights are twisted, or “canted”, to one side or the other.

    To adjust that....Use a marker of some sort to draw a line on both the sight base and the barrel, then loosen the set screw, twist the sight base the correct direction, using the line to see how far you are going. Tighten the set screws, re-zero the weapon. Repeat if needed.
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    Get rid of everything on the rifle that has to do with sights and get a RD or a scope for anything over 15 yds. I have {4} 995s and all {including the new one I just got} have been cleaned and scoped. My new rifle came with a threaded barrel I/2 X 28. Got a can and Bushnell, all in the 10 ring @ 100
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    I run the Sig Romeo 5 red dot on my 4095, drive nails at 50yrds.