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Mine has a Barska® 3 - 9x42 mm Illuminated Reticle AR - 15 / M16 Scope, the wifes a Guide Gear (made by BSA) Multi - reticle Panoramic red dot Sight.

Started them both out at 20 yds. Got them where they were hitting good at that range, and then went out to 100 yds.

I was in the general neighborhood, didnt take too long to get them both hitting acceptable. I dont expect these rifles to be tack drivers especially when I am shooting them.

Found some red clay skeet targets someone had missed, put them on the berm and was hitting them with 2 or 3 shots. Good enough for me.

One thing I wonder about, the scope has a range adjustment knob of 1 to 5 hundred yards set up for the ballistics of an M 16. I wonder how much further the different clicks would make the 40 cal go?

Hard for me to test that, because all I have is the 100 yd range.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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