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Sighting in 995

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I posted this question somewhere else but lost the post.... anyway im new to shooting through sights like on the 995. I cant hit squat with the rear peep sight. Is there a trick to this? I try to elevate the rear sight and was still hitting high. I lowered it and didnt hit anything... If i use the front sight only im dead on up to 15 yards. Any tips or advice.
Another thing, the pistol grip seems to be seperated like the gule or something can undone. Would HP fix this or should i appoxy it back?
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your front post will adjust up and down also if your not getting enough adjustment outa your rear sight.and the grip shouldnt be glued or epoxied together.there is screws and a metal piece in the grip holding it together.when i got mine it was used and beat up.i called hi-point and told them my stock was a little rough and i wanted to buy a new one.they sent me one at nocost
Thanks ill try adjusting the front down a little bit, i noticed that you have the red dot sight on your 995. Is it pretty accurate. i looked at a Tasco on tonight a walmart but wasnt forsure about the quality. Im gonna call hi point tomorrow and at maybe they will that nice to me! if not ill see if i can buy one.
I have the 40mm Tasco red dot from Walmart on mine and it works great.
Awesome im gonna get the tasco red diot then :devilsidesmile:. I called HP today and told them about the pistol grip being seperated. I was on the phone for maybe 15 min, I thought i would have to at least give them whole serial number, i just told them it was a b series and that i was at work and just wanted to check on the policy for return, he repsonded with " I'll get you a stock out today" and transfered me to the receptionist to get my address.... I hope they through in a new mag as well :D
Easiest fix i have ever experienced.
my red dot is a BSA from walmart and it does very well i think.it was only $29.they have a nicer one now that is red or green.
they did the same for me on the stock.i didnt get a free mag,but hey.its a new stock.now if u wanted to do any mods you could cut up your old stock and keep your new one.
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