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    what would be a good distance for a laser on our Carbines if being used for home defense and or CQB ?? . Last night i sighted it in to about 10-15 yrds is that good or should i go to a shorter distance of 5-10 yrds ??
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    my laser is set at 10 yards. i feel that is the longest distance i would ever be using it for home defense, and even at closer distances it will be able to hit center mass easily on an intruder. there isnt a spot in my home that is open for longer than that, so sighting it in further is pointless. 5 yards you should be able to shoot from the hip and hit a home invader. so long story, short....mine i set up at 10 yards, and know im well within a kill shot closer range using it.


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    thanks !! , yes i'm about the same open area in my place so i think 10 yrds should be good for me
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    Ten yards here too.

    Seems to be the "sweet" spot for the average home. If I lived in a small apartment or maybe a manufactured home (trailer) I'd probably sight it in at five to seven yards max.
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    I went for 20 yds.I have a back yard and that is the longest shot I could take. Doug
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    NE Utah
    What's the change in POA vs POI at those different ranges?

    I'll do some math and let you know, but my guess is 3 inches or so.

    Ok...zeroed at 10 yards, you would be off 3/4 inch at 5 yards or 15 yards, using a sight height of 1.5 inches.

    In other words, unless you intend to hit eyeballs every shot, it's all good.
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    I have mine set to 16 yards which is the length to the curb from my porch in case of drive-by situations. Same with my red dot.
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    Is your area drive by prone?

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    Since I hear gunshots in my neighborhood from time to time it's safe to assume drive bys.
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    Do you get nervous when you hear gunfire?
    I hope my neighbors do!
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    Naw, I don't get nervous I get pissed.