sighting my c9

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  1. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME SIGHT MY C9, I changed the ghost ring, then back to the regular sight but am having a hard time sighting it, can anyone give me some tips also on aiming it, im an amateur and am learning this stuff as i investigate more
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    I have always done it the old fashion way...

    I just go to the range and start with the target ridiculously close. Then I slowly move the target out and slowly make adjustments until I get it where I want it.

  3. hhahaha

    thee has to be a more technical way than that, but i love the idea simple and fast
  4. when simple works, use simple.

    I might add, while at the range, use a bench and steady your gun, pull trigger slowly, etc. Get the aim perfected on the bench. This way, if/when you miss - your aimed wrong, moved the gun while firing, or your sites moved. Sites can move while holstering, storing, etc. if you didn't tighten them, etc. But most of the time, it's your aim!
  5. You could also try a bore sighter to help you get it roughly sighted in. Might help you use a little less ammo to get it dialed in.
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    Start at 15'.Using a bench and sandbags or rest,Hold with two hand grip.put the front sight in the middle of the rear sight with equal amount of space on both sides and the top of the front sight even with the top of the rear sight.Aim just below where you want the bullet to go.Thats called a six o'clock hold.Squeeze the trigger straight back without disturbing sight alignment.Fire 3 to 4 shots.Then move the rear sight in the same direction you want the hits on the target to go.I also recomend taking a NRA Basic Pistol Course.
  7. well if Comcast's personal pages ever comes back up I have a tool on my website that you can use to adjust your sights. I believe the direct link is and you will need to enable java scripting for it to work. It should get you pretty darn close.