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    I know this has been discussed before, but when I do a search it comes empty.

    I've always just used iron sights on all the rifles I've had, but my eyesight isn't what it used to be. I want to add something to help out a little on my 4595TS, but I can't decide between a scope and a red dot.

    Can I get some suggestions, and maybe reasons?
  2. A lot depends on your preference, how you use your rifle. I am more than happy with the iron sights on my rifles, and I have aging vision. I use glasses with a aperture on the glasses. I also line my sights faster with the aperture using both eyes.

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    I prefer a scope like a 3-9 x40, can be had at reasonable price. Also depends on what distance you want to shoot accurately to. A scope brings the target into view. I tried a red dot but was not happy with it. Also, if you want accuracy, consider replacing the top rail to a metal one like Aluminum. OEM is not the best for rigidity. GL

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    i like using red dots and 45 deg offset irons
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    My recommendation is a Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight. It's a fast and easy sight to acquire with both eyes open, and fits the short range ability of the gun nicely. Accurate, quick, and fun to hit multiple targets in the 25-50yd. range.
    You can find them for under $90, which still keeps the HP in the value category, even if you decide to mod the rail too.
  6. Another option

    For what its worth, there is an option in between sight and scope that is very flexible and adaptable. I don't think I have seen this discussed in any of the threads I've read, but a flip-to-side magnifier behind a holographic sight lets you choose between either 3x magnification or no mag. I'll try to use my setup as an example, although I went the cheapest possible route (I'm still VERY pleased with it though).

    I have no idea if these links will work.




    The Holographic sight from Amazon (Cheap no-name but really well built in my experience. I have been thrilled with it.)

    And the flip-to-side magnifier.

    I also just ordered a thin riser to get the Holographic better aligned with the magnifier, found here.

    I hope all of those links work for you guys. That is what I'm currently using, and I'm loving it.
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    Here is a fairly recent thread on this topic:

    Here is another thread:
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    Or find an optometrist or ophthalmologist who will set you up with a pair of prescription shooting glasses. OK, mine is a business colleague, so I have an advantage, but I don't have to worry about batteries going dead. Although I must admit, as accurate as my Hi Point is with the irons, a mild scope might be interesting.
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    The red dot is quick, but like USMC_VET says, it would have to come with 45° offset BUIS for me. Batteries die.

    Another of my favorites is the Simmons Pro-Diamond.