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What carbine sight is best?

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 1:28 AM.
  1. Factory iron (and leave it that way)

  2. Factory 4x scope

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  3. Factory Red-dot scope

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  4. Factory iron (and add an aftermarket unit)

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  1. I've read many praises for the accuracy of the iron sights, and red-dots claim many other devotees. On the other hand, I haven't seen (or, at least, noticed) comments about the factory 4x. So: what do you think?

    Since your opinion likely hinges on the type of shooting you do as well as the environment, I'd appreciate comments and justifications in addition to a simple vote.

    My immediate needs: range shooting and occasional varmint control in mixed (wooded and open) areas, and I'm leaning toward irons -- most likely -- or the 4x. However, as this may be of larger interest and value, please let your imaginations and comments range widely for the benefit of others.
  2. I have an aftermarket red/green dot on my 995 and like it much better than the factory iron sights. Not sure which choice to take in that poll.

  3. Gramps

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    Not a fair question. It depends on the use it will be put to, the backround of the shooter, the condition of the shooters eyes and several other things and I haven`t even gotten to the preference of the shooter. Different for most everyone. I use the red dot but I won`t say that is the "best". It may be for me but it won`t necessarly be for others. There is no best for everyone.
  4. Thayldt21

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    I however perfer the iron sight, Had a red dot for a while but didn't like. was very accurate but I myself am faster and more accurate without it.

    Just preferences like gramps said.
  5. Agreed, which is why I said:

    (and why I included my current shooting parameters...)
  6. I'll try this again...just tried to post a reply, and it aint there...anywho...

    I, too, replaced the factory 4x on my 995 and the iron sights on my 4095 with aftermarket red/green dots, and I really like them (1x on the 995 and 2x on 4095). Might go back to irons on the 4095 though. Something about the 2x scope just doesn't seem right (haven't had them out since early summer).

    I live in North Idaho, and like to hike and camp in the spring/summer/fall. Ranges will be from basically point blank to maybe 100 yds. I can get on target pretty quick with the red dot; although to be honest, I never really gave the irons much of a chance. :oops: ...

    Also if the S ever HTF, the carbines are my only short/medium range weapons at the moment. The red dots, sighted in, give me instant verification that I am on target.

    More than likely I will go back to the irons on the 4095...I HAVE to be able to sight them in quickly (if need be) when there are no more batteries to be had anywhere (really bad SHTF scenario).

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Gee with my ancient eyes the iron sights are just too hard to see thru the Red Dot is easier on me poor old eyes :D
  8. HPHooked

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    I have nothing against a 4x scope, a red/green dot sight or even a laser on a weapon.

    However, I prefer having the iron sights on board also. You can drop the rifle on the scope and break it. As to the other sights, it's the pits to go take a shot and find out your scope is dead because the batteries either died or were frozen out. With the iron sights, once sighted in, they are there for the duration and never need any outside power.

    Just my $.02
  9. Every scope that I've ever had on my 995 has taken a crap, so I have decided to go back to factory irons. I won the Postal Match we had last year with iron sights... I even beat out guys that shoot with optics.... Can't do better than that IMHO.
  10. browwiw

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    I really do love the peep+post sights on the 995. I'm seriously thinking about having something similar put on my Marlin lever-action .30-30.
  11. vallen

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    Yep, Factory Iron for me. Reliable. Always hits what I want, and keeps it simple. This is 'basic', rough and ready gun. I like to keep it that way.
  12. I am a techno junkie all of my Hi Point carbines have a red or green dot scope of some sort. Time will tell as to how well they hold up.
  13. browwiw

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    Speaking of sights, does anybody know what size of "coin battery" that the BSA RD30 takes? I have totally forgotten and I've lost the dead one I had.