1. I am purchasing a 995 carbine from a pawn shop. Don't have it yet cause I put it on layaway, due to shortage on money due to Christmas. Anyways. This gun has a laser on it, and no sights. Where can I find some to purchase? I have been looking all over the net, but come up empty handed. Thanks
  2. You can call hi point and tell them and they will help you out.

    Now if someone will be kind enough to supply you with the number.......

  3. Hi-Point Arms Factory Service
    Contact one of the following service & parts centers depending on type of firearm you own.

    Beemiller, Inc.
    1015 Springmill Rd.
    Mansfield, OH 44906

    Iberia Firearms
    3929 St. 309
    Galion, OH 44833

    Haskell Mfg.
    585 E. Blue Lick Rd.
    Lima, Ohio 45801

    For warranty, service, parts, or accessories, contact: [email protected] or
    call 1-866-948-4867.

    Hi-Point Firearms sales & marketing

    8611-A N. Dixie Dr.
    Dayton, OH 45414

    Phone: 937-454-0363
    Fax: 937-454-0503
    Toll free: 866-425-4867

    Dealer inquiries

    [email protected]

    How's that for service? :D

    Or you can just go to their website....

  4. Okay, thanks for the help. I will give a call. I couldn't find any one the website.
  5. Shootest 995

    Shootest 995 Guest

    when you get your new toy, contact Beemiller and make arrangements to send it to them. They will go through it and make all updates to it, sent it back along with any missing parts (ie the sights) and give it a clean bill of health, all at no charge to you. They most often also kick in a "free" magazine for you having to pay the postage to send it to them.

    As far as customer service goes, this is one very customer friendly company.
  6. Little stuff like that is not listed on the site, you just call them and ask for it.

    Shootest 995 has a good point, if the carbine is used, send it in and they will send it back in as new condition with all missing parts. Excellent customer service.
  7. What kind of updates are you talking about? I've had all my Hi-points ( C9, .380, 40 and 995) for about 10 years. What all have they changed?
  8. There have probably been all sorts of small changes made in the last 10 years. You do know they are semi autos now right? JUST KIDDING :) :) :)
  9. semi auto? dang that must be cool. :D
  10. Shootest 995

    Shootest 995 Guest

    I bought mine used with just the factory sights mounted. The front sight was broken from being dropped. They replaced the broken sight, gave me a complete set of all of the accessories including the sling, weaver rail and whatever other things they include when you purchase a new weapon.

    I personally can't say what changes have been made, but when I sent mine in they sent a note back saying that they had upgraded the trigger and the stock. I do know that the stock was stiffer then the one that I sent it in with, no more cheek pinching or flexing. I guess the upgrades would depend on how old the weapon that is sent in is.

    I am sure that they have made more then a few upgrades to a weapon that is 10 or more years old.

    I know that they do the work and test fire it and give it a clean bill of health. they then return it at no charge to you. And as i said, from most of the people i have talked to about this, they have also gotten a free magazine as a offset for you having to pay the postage to sent it to them.
  11. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Just get the rail and put a red dot of some sort on it
  12. browwiw

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    I tried a red dot on mine and couldn't get used to the parallax. When I was sighting it in I made an almost perfect circle around the center of the target.

    I'm going back to the iron sights next time I go to the range. I was going to order the ATI stock laser sight this evening, but Benny seems to be out, again. Oh, well, once again patience is forced upon me.
  13. The way I see it, anyone can shoot well with scopes or lasers. It takes marksmanship to hit a target at a distance with sights. That's what I'm going for.