Sigma 9mm or Firestorm mini9

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  1. Ok both are priced very well, the sigma is $310 before rebate and the FS is $330, both are pre tax, let me know what you guys think, I appreciate your opinions....hopefully will get it within the week or two
  2. I've owned a sw9ve for 3 years now and its a great gun. It never fails. It is double action only! That means you have a longer triger pull. The only saftey on it is the jointed trigger so that adds to the trigger pull. It has a very heavy trigger.

    Once I got use to that I have been very pleased with it. Im sure there is a rebate of $50 and two 16 rd mags going on right now.

    I've never fired a Firestorm mini9, so I have no input about that weapon.

  3. I cannot speak for the Sigma however, I own a Bersa Thunder UC 9mm which in essence, is the same pistol that you are considering and it is my primary carry pistol.

    If you prefer a striker fired pistol then maybe the Sigma is for you. I'm old fashion and I prefer a DA/SA pistol, that is what I "grew up" with.

    The Bersa/Firestorm has safety/decocker, hopefully you are not in California or anywhere else that mandates 10 rnd mags so now, you can get it with 2ea 13 rnd mags and it is just slightly larger than the Bersa .380 .

    In the beginning, the DA action is heavy but after about 500 rnds it just gets sweet and the SA just gets better. Mine has about 600 rnds through it and it has had zero malfunctions whatsoever and it has digested all the different types of 9mm that I have put through it.

    At 7-10 yds, it's a tack driver out of the box, I get ragged holes all the time. After 10 yds, it begins to show that it has a 3 inch barrel and the groups begin to spread but you have to remember that this is a defensive weapon, not a target pistol (for that they have the full size model).

    Finish for matte models is not the best actually, I find it ugly but, it grows on you...maybe I'll refinish mine one of these days.

    As far as holsters are concerned, IWB you can get by with a Dom Hume 715 series made for the Springfield XD 9mm or .40, it works well/adequate and it is very good quality for around $27.00, you can't beat that.

    For an excellent IWB holster, the UBG custom holster (the Striker model) for around $60.00 is excellent and a great value by far, the most comfortable IWB holster that I have. You will need a reasonably good holster because it is not a relatively light pistol.

    Let me clarify, compared to a 1911, it is a light pistol. Compared to my Kel Tec PF-9 or the Bersa .380, it is heavier.

    The best of all is the lifetime warranty/service contract, whatever they are calling it nowadays......which coincidentally, if you need to use it, don't hesitate and send it in, to the guys at Colorado Gun Works, nobody else has demonstrated taking ownership of issues until a satisfactory resolution.

    I hope I have helped, good luck with your choices.
  4. I also have a S&W 9VE (Sigma) 9mm and love it.

    The Firestorm Mini 9 is also a sweet gun so I dont think you can go wrong with either.

    Bersa/Firestorm mags a expensive, usually in the $50 range while S&W 9VE mags are more affordable and easier to find. It's also easier to get S&W parts than it is to get Bersa/Firestorm parts if that matters. I have a Bersa Thunder 380 and its been 100% reliable since I purchased it in 2005.
  5. Would you guys consider either of these a lifetime gun. In other words, as long as its taken care of and maintained would it forever I guess, I know that some work is inevitable and it might need a trip for warranty work, but other than that I wanna know can it take the test of time, not exactly a torture test by any means...just that it will last me a great while...not sure if that makes sense... :D
  6. The guy who runs our private range has one of the first generation Sigma 9mm's. According to his ammo count he has well over 20K thru it. He uses the pistol weekly during his CWP classes, used to shoot IDPA with it before health problems ended his competition shooting.

    The good think about S&W is they are located in the US, so if you required warranty work or needed a complete overhaul it would be easy to FedEx the pistol to the factory. No idea how Eagle Imports handles this type of thing for the Bersa/Firestorm line, but I do know its a long way to Argentina for the US. I suspect Eagle Imports use a US based facility for Bersa/Firestorm warranty work but have never had to test it with my Thunder 380.
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    but a glock 22 instead.

    Glock 22 factory used guns. With factory warranty night sights and 3 new mags. $339

    it's a steal at that price. especially since you don't have to pay tax but you will have to pay ffl fees and shipping. i still think it's a great deal.

    glocks are pretty much lifetime guns. i wouldn't worry about shooting it out.
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    you are correct, according to my paperwork with my bersa/firestorm there is a list of many smiths/shops who do warranty work on them. With that said if anyone needs info on where to send their bersa/firestorm for repair, let me know, and i will post it... (might be a sticky some day, who knows?)
  9. Firestorm.

    I understand people really like the Sigma but I hate the triggers on them.

    I also am not a fan of striker fired guns in general, I much prefer DA/SA triggers and hammers and decockers.

    You also might want to consider an EAA Witness compact. Also quite cheap.
  10. bobotech,

    If the Bersa 9UC and Firestorm 9's were not so darn hard to get in this area I would probably have one already. Seems that they come in every few months, get sold almost as soon as they hit the shelves and then its a few months before the dealers can get them in again. One shop had a waiting list for them and every time they would get them in they were sold before the guns could even be put out for display.

    As much as I love my Sigma 9VE I would still pick up a Bersa/Firestorm just to have, I also like DA/SA with a hammer but have no issues with DA striker fire either.
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    I have the FireStorm Mini9mm and it is a fine gun. Have a hard time trusting anything from S&W that is not a wheel gun.

    As for the FS coverage. You can check at for info on that. FireStorm is made by Bersa. there is a company that posts at BersaTalk that covers warranty work for Bersa, they may cover FS as well.

    Just got back from checking the Bersa forum.
    Yes does cover warranty work on FireStorms just like the Bersa, and they have a lifetime coverage.
  12. Fan of the sigma personally. The trigger takes a little getting used to, sure, but isn't an issue once you've put a few boxes through it and are comfortable with it. My father owns a 40 and Primal owns a 9mm. Both are very find pistols.
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    I am very happy with my Sigma 40VE. I have no experience with the Firestorm.
  14. Have any of you Sigma owners experienced the "bad" thats associated with this gun, I went to a shop and the guy said it was a bad imitation of a Glock, why?, because of the hard trigger pull :shock: , ok is that it? I actually noticed that compared to the Glock and shhh...the XD, there is little or no wiggle room of the slide to the frame....let me know guys. From what I've heard Wolf makes a spring kit for the triggers that brings it down to about 6 lbs. But in all reality I dry fired it and it wasn't that bad!

    Also I held the Bersa/FS and its a solid piece of machinery, wow, now I'm really having a hard time.
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    Got both Sigma's, the 9VE and the 40VE. Both are fine guns for the money. As to not trusting any non-wheel Smith & Wesson, don't believe it. The Sigma is as trustworthy as a pistol can get. Got a couple of thousand through the 9mm without a hitch. That covers jacketed hollow points, ball ammo, truncated jacketed bullets, truncated cone lead and lead round nose of various weights. Mine seems to like the 115 gr. variety the best.

    You can't go wrong with a Sigma 9VE. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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    For the record here is Gun Blast's Jeff Quinn's review of the Bersa Thunder .380 (be sure to watch the video of it in action).

    More at the link.