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  1. There was a recently posted pic of a pink Glock (I think it was Glock).

    Anyhow, my wife is interested in moving up to a good quality 9mm soon but would like it in purple.

    Any ideas on where to find a good quality 9mm for a small woman in purple?
  2. jason865

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    Personally, I would suggest finding the weapon she is the most comfortable with, and then get some lavender duracoat. That way she would get the best firearm for her, and it freaking screams purple


  3. +1

    find a gun she is comfortable and make it purple, don't let her get something she doesn't enjoy shooting just because it is purple.
  4. Ari

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    +1 Find something she shoots well and make it any color she wants
  5. Maverick

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    +1 to what has already been said so far.

    The only thing I can add is if you don't feel comfortable with painting it yourself and want it to look factory done. You can have it professionally painted at a reasonable price.

    theonlychuck posted this Custom XD under The Gun Gallery not too long ago.


    It was done by and I think this is the "Fusion Finish" and cost $100.00
  6. That XD is what I was looking for, Thanks to all.
    Now to see if she likes an XD or something else then get it in purple.

    Thanks Guys.
  7. Maverick

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    Glad we could help!

    Whatever you end up with, be sure to post some pics of it! I'm interested on how it comes out.
  8. Lauer Custom Weaponry

    Have it professionally parkerized then duracoated.
  9. Can you duracote over parkerization? I had no idea that was even possible.
  10. jason865

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    Yea, you sure can.
  11. hipoint.nut

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    Not only can it be done, it is the best way to Duracoat a gun.
  12. Ari

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    You can even Duracoat over wood
  13. The reason I asked that question is this: I bought the Serpa holster for my 1911, and while I LOVE that holster, there is a point on the holster that has already rubbed the parkerization on my 1911 slide down to bare metal. I love parkerized guns, and have since stopped using the holster because of this problem. My next question is this: Will duracote stand up to holster wear? If so, how well does it stand up?
  14. Ari

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    I saw (and had posted in the old forum) about were they was it at one company on their FNFAL bolts! If it can take the moving bolt I would think it would work for your holster....