Silver Stripe It!!!

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  1. I love the silver stripe on the .380. I would pee my pants if I could get the silver stripe from the factory on a C9. Just do it!!
  2. I like it as well, I think I could like it on the C9 as well.

  3. We have a member who silver striped his and it looks very good. In fact one of the best looking Hi Points we have on here. It is probably located in the Hi Point picture thread.
  4. All you have to do is sand off the paint on the slide and it's silver striped. Looks really sharp too.
  5. yeah, i saw the pics of the sanded-off one. thats why i say it would be a cool option to get from the factory.
  6. Snotty guy with a sanding block and a spray can: "Nah. It's only cool when it _doesn't_ come from the factory". :D
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    That could be another one of Hi-Points signatures. Silver striping all of their firearms.

    Just food for thought.

  8. thats a great idea, seeing everyone here is a loyal hi point owner they should look into that :D
  9. Well, i think it's a very simple thing they could do that would "jazz up" the look of the guns, which many people seem to grumble about.
  10. I have to dissagree. I liked the C9 in the pics that was sanded off, but one of the reason's I went with the C9 is that it didn't have that stripe that the .380 has. Maybe they could offer it as an option. Or maybe as an anniversary edition with a gold strip and a gold trigger. That would be a nice looking collectors item. Make maybe 500 of them in each caliber and comes in a box with a gold signature and certificate. I would have to own one of those on the release day for sure.
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