Simmons .22 scope rings

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  1. Anyone use these?

    I came across them at Walmart - and surprisingly fit the rail on the C9Comp. My intent is to fix a tactical light not a laser, but was unsure if the target caliber on the package is a red flag - e.g. use this on a heavier caliber and the assembly is liable to fall apart.


    I guess I could order 1" rings online that don't specifically call out the .22 cartridge.
  2. biganimal

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    try em................put em on and put a little loc tite on the threads and shoot away. last time I saw them at wally world they were pretty inexpensive.

  3. I just went and picked up a pair to see what you were saying. Ya, it fits perfectly. It seems to tighten down very well and IMO won't be a problem.

    The problem is finding a light that will fit in the 40mm rings that is short. I just couldn't find a light that was 40mm. I looked all weekend.

    If you have any ideas, let me know.
  4. bump. anybody have ideas please?
  5. My scope rings are specc'ed as 1" rings that fit up to 40mm.

    I've basically been looking for a 1" diameter light.
  6. ya me too, but i have had no luck. i even tried bass pro shop with no luck.
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    Could always use a smaller diamiter light with some magical electrical tape?...
  8. Last year I bought a bunch of 9 led lights from Sportsman's guide for 4 for 19.95. They measure just a hair over 1 inch in diameter, so the should fit in 1 inch rings. Unfortunatly they don't carry the exact same thing, but you could try these

    they appear to be almost the same thing, the tube should be close to the same size.
  9. where did the ebay link go? i was going to order that right now?
  10. Thanks for the idea, but im just not into putting tape on the front of my gun.
  11. Thanks for the links... I found some here:

    The LED lights - my guess is that they would be more durable than a bulb light (when we're talking generic). I guess I'll see how they stand up to shock & vibe....
  12. Ordered. I will post pics when it comes in. I am pumped.
  13. Or, a 3/4" flashlight with the ATI adaptor.