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Simple midsize mesh chest rig done

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Did this up this morning.
Mil-C-8061/ TP21 mesh
Mil spec webbing
Olive drab edge binding tape
Tan 499 hardware
Color, ranger green for MOLLE webbing and mesh.
12 MOLLE Columns, 3 rows.
Low profile/minimal shoulder straps with stitching for attaching things via clips or straps for hydration routing, or small items.

Ran out of the 1" brown tinted Ranger Green webbing, so used a more green tint webbing for the back horizontal cross strap, but hey, on camo, it works..
Wood Wood stain Hardwood Flooring Font

World Military camouflage Art Line Font

Rectangle Textile Wood Art Line
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Wheee. In less than 12 hours since I posted the product on the NW local gun forum, I've got a buyer who paid upfront for it. This is a good sign. However I am now out of the brown tinted Ranger Green webbing, and don't have enough Tan 499 buckle assemblies to make more.. so I shall have to talk with the wife about the money I got from this sale, see if she's okay with me using some of it for supplies for the next 4 or so.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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