Single/Multi caliber stash?

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  1. I was thinking of trimming down my "wish list" to condense calibers... thus I'm not having to horde fifteen different calibers, just 3 or 4. Then I thought "hmmm... in a hypothetical SHTF situation, would it be better to be diverse? You might not be able to find any 9mm/.45 ammo, but your neighbor might have 500 rounds of 8mm swiss. Just a random thought...
  2. I would think as long as it didn't get too exotic , like 9mm Largo .

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    Though I have a good collection going. My SHTF stash is pretty common ammo. So I do not keep a SHTF stash of ammo for every weapon I have. Some weapons I have no ammo for at all. Some I just keep a range stash
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    I have 3 guns that shoot 22 lr. two are pistols. My derringer came with a 22 mag. cylinder. I have a 3 round, bolt action 410, A single shot 20 ga. and my 995. I have over 1000 22lr rounds, around 100 22 mags., 100 22 shorts. 3 boxes of 20 ga. , 2 boxes of 410 and a couple of boxes of ooo buck and around 150 rounds of 9mm. I still plan on buying some more 9mm and 000 buck for mt 20ga. and 410.
  5. Pick a few calibers that do everything you need to do and stick with them. Everything else would be the stuff you leave behind in the event you have to bug out, especially on foot. Most of us plan to bug in, but always keep in mind you may have to bug out and carry what you can with you. If you are unable to pack everything you need on your back, split up if you have a family, then its not worth keeping large stocks of ammo for.
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    I agree with rimfirehunter. With my bob and all my weapons,I will be loaded down with more than I can carry. The place I plan to go to has plenty of timber rattelers so I'm sure I will haft to deal with them so I'm not sure about making my trip at night. I have night vsion but need to save my batteries. I think my famly who lives close to where I'm going will be the ones who bring my supplies to me. I could use some cheap inflatable boats to carry everything but I'm just starting to plan this so it will change until I figure it all out.
  7. I have on hand as of right now 1000+ .223 which I reload for. 500 9mm which is another caliber I load, and 1000 7.62 x 39 reserved for The SHTF. I also have about 100 12 gauge rounds, and a uncountable (if thats not a word I just made it up lol) number of .22LR.
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    I'm just starting to stock up on ammo a bit, I need to get more.

    Thus far I've got.....

    100+ 12 gauge shells.
    1200+ 9mm
    2500+ 22LR

    I need to buy a deer rifle bad!

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    The place I plan to go to has plenty of timber rattelers so I'm sure I will haft to deal with them so

    Carry a nice sharp mechate and just hack the head off the buggers save your ammo and kill em silently. Also in a TEOTWAWKI situation keep the head and fangs with the poison sacs for use later[if you wanna know why PM me and I'll tell ya, I won't over an open forum]
  10. I'm new here, but I thought I would chime in. I have stocked up on a number of different calibers, 9mm, 7.62x39, 380, 12ga 000 buck, 35 rem, 357, 20ga bird, 22lr, but I am curious if anyone is stocking up on arrows? I love the stealth factor of a bow, and if I need to hunt I don't want to give away my location.
  11. BTW, hello to you, American Made...good to see another NC member.

    I've based my standard SHTF reserve on 7.62x39mm, 9mm, 12G, 22LR,
    and 7.62x54R for backup.
    7.62x39mm is for my main rifle, the AKs
    9mm is for my sidearm and my 995 carbines
    12Guage for the shotgun; 00buckshot for baddies, and birdshot for small critters
    .22LR for hunting squirrels and rabbits
    and 7.62x54R when I really need to reach out and touch something.
    I have some other backups but I dont nearly have as much as I do these others and for the sake of security, Im not going to state my totals.
    Thats for me to know and the crazy looters and small game to find out.
  12. I have two guns that shoot .22LR (one rifle one pistol). I have 9mmluger and .45 auto. I have the MN and a supply of it, but in a real SHTF sceraio, I doubt I'd be taking it with me, because ammo would be too hard to get on the road.
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    Here's my take on ammo storage (and anything else that you might use in our modern world that would rapidly disappear in a SHTF scenario):


    My "necessary" ammo storage numbers would be, hypothetically (of course, since I am in no way inferring that I or anyone else would ever have such quantities of supplies... :twisted: ), based on the weight, dimensions, and commonality of the cartiridges in question, what kind/uses/necessity of the calibers I wanted/needed to stockpile, the number/absence of the guns I owned that chambered the cartridges in question, the size/logistics of my intended storage area, and the assured security of my storage area (that's a lot of good stuff to have only to have it get stolen or damaged). As far as I am concerned, you should have, hypothetically ( :wink: ), at least 20,000 rounds of live ammunition in various types of loads (FMJ, HP, SP, spitzer, factory loads/reloads) for each caliber that you intend to store. This will give you a decent supply of ammo for any reasonably concievable contingency as well as some versatility in the ammunition you would need for different applications (like using expanding bullets, such as SP's and HP's, for hunting and defense at close/medium ranges and using FMJ bullets to penetrate thicker targets as well as for long-range stability and accuracy; in case you're wondering, SP means Soft Point, HP means Hollow Point, FMJ means Full Metal Jacket [incedently, also the name of a good Vietnam flick], and spitzer means an "aerodynamic bullet design used in most intermediate and high-powered rifle cartridges [the name derives from the German word Spitzgeschoss, literally pointed bullet]"; quoted text copied from Wikipedia [ ] since it's late and I'm lazy right now :p).

    Well, that's my .02 cents on this idea. Hope it helps--even if it's in some sort of weird, paranoid way... :shock:




    Jag 8)
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    i'd say some diversity is good.. however like was said exotic stuff is a problem..

    really if you have a .22lr, 9mm, .40, .38spl, .357, 45acp, 12ga, .223

    those are gonna be your easiest to keep in ammo..

    honestly as far as rifles go a .22lr rifle will fill just about any role you give it except big game.. there is plenty you can take down with a .22lr to keep you fed, ammo is cheap and easily one of the most common calibers you'll ever come across.
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    Same here. ive got

    1k of 7.62,223 and 9mm
    3k of 22
    200 00buck

    other than that i usually keep a box or 2 around for the other calibers.