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    My C9 should be here soon, and looking around for it's new home. I currently keep my 44 with a key code trigger guard on it (dont want to be hunting for a key when TSHF), stowed away in a gear bag. I have 2 older boys (18 and 14), both boys shoot with me, have their own paintball guns, airsoft guns, etc, so they know and respect weapons.

    I would like a small pistol safe that I could keep on or near my bed side table for quick access. I found the one below at Cabela, and was curious if there are any better recommendations. I like the idea of a biometric lock, no combos to remember, or key to find. This one looks nice, but is pricey.

    EDIT: I did quite a few searches, but couldnt find what I was looking for.

    Cabela Link

  2. I have thought about buying one like that several times, I think it's a great idea for a hand safe. I just dont like to have to change the batteries.

  3. Ah yes, the subject of the "which hand gun vault is better". Better recommendations? It's what YOU think would be best for your own personel need/s. You will hear from lots on here saying they like to just keep the firearm on the floor at night near their bed OR the combo thingy is not a good idea iF you need to get your weapon in a hurry OR the push code one..same thing if you're in a hurry OR the batteries die OR the key is lost/broken, etc.
    Naturally if you have young ones around you're not going to leave the gun on the floor. You're going to want to have quick access to it. No fumbling around to unlock it and all that good stuff. In my case, I have "young" children. I purchased for my bedroom a push code one from Stack-On with key override. It can be bolted in the wall between the studs or in a drawer. It, like many others have "special features" with them. I practice getting to it and opening it up in the dark since there are no numbers illuminated. As far as what You can and cannot afford, I think it does not matter. SAFETY is always first. Good luck with what you chose, there are alot out there!
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    I hear ya Sambo, I was hoping that wouldnt happen, which is why I was trying to direct the feedback towards a specific type of vault :D
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    I bought one of the cheap metal ones at Walmart for $20. It has one of those circular keys.
  6. Oop's, sorry on My end. Thought You were looking ALSO for others.
    Don't mind me.......................... :roll:
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    i also have this safe. it works in a pinch. if nothing else its a good safe for personal items like mine is used for.
  8. Since I keep a JCP-40 next to my bed a mechette in my closet and an ax behind my bedroom door, I feel I can keep my Tuarus pt92 in my regular floor safe in my closet. I don't have any kids running around or any thing so I can leave guns around. When I leave the house I throw my JCP-40 in the safe because I don't want to get shot by it if I startle some one stealing my stuff!!
    I live in a crap hole apartment community because I put all my money into shooting and college.
  9. That $20 Wally safe sounds pretty good to me. Then instead of throwing the gun in the safe, I can just pull the key!!! Thanks for the idea!!