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  1. Folks,

    I picked up a used 4095 awhile back. I've seen alot of pictures here with two point slings on both the orginal and replacement stocks. Seems to me that a single point sling would be a natural fit for the orignal stock with the rear sling swivel set on the left (for the right handed) using the bolt hole just behind the receiver. Has anyone tried this?
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    Welcome, and congrats on your newish addition.
    I haven't tried your proposed single point method, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I currently have my 995 set up in a homemade 3 pt. rig so I can backpack the sucker.
    Give the single pt. a shot, and see if you like it. :D

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    one point sling

    I have done exactly what you're thinking about. I took the female section out from the right side (hole nearest the shroud) and put it in on the left side. I used the sling mount that came with the carbine. I then purchased a $20.00 KZ one-point sling from botach. This is the same sling I use on my AR. It is awesome. The rifle sits just right and it is easy to switch shoulders, unlike the 3 point slings. I use to have a 3 point on my AR and I never liked it. It just never felt right. I recommend this way of installing a one point.
  4. Lets see some pics of what you come up with!!!
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    I plan to get some pics in. I have to get my camera back. I mounted some rails on the sides of the factory stock and a surefire G2. I had an Aimpoint so it is on top. That is all I'm planning to do. Shoots great! Sighted in at 25 hitting zero on site-in target and hit 30 out of 30 shots from 50 yards on a 10"x12" metal plate.
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    I finally got my camera and got the pics. Hopefully I can get this posting of pics correct.

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    Here is one of the flashlight mount I did.

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    Can anyone tell me how to put a pic or vid under your username, like m ost of you have?
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    Thanks for the info.