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Six-year-old Spends Over $16,000 Online Using Mom’s Credit Card On a Video Game

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by Nena Serrano -- December 21, 2020


In an interview with Good Morning America, a mother of two shared her experience about her son who racked up $16,293.10 on her credit card over reward rings for an iPad game.

Jessica Johnson from Wilton said her six-year-old son must have been able to charge her credit card due to an iPad setting. She told GMA that she discovered the incident after noticing various charges repeatedly appearing on her July bank statements.

A boy, six years old, from Connecticut spent more than $16,000 on an iPad video game over the summer using his mother's credit card.

Jessica Johnson, mother of two, whose Paypal account was connected to the iPad, spoke in an interview with Good Morning America saying her son George bought $16,293.10 worth of rings for the game Sonic Forces from Apple Application Store, and charging it all to her credit card.

Johnson, a real estate broker, said she alerted all moms through Facebook about the incident to prevent this from happening from them in the future.

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But....But.....MEGA!! He NEEDED to PLAY!!!! ALL his friends were playing!!! Mom HAD to lat the poor little snowflake do whatever he wanted to. He'll make good choices!!! HONEST!!! (Another David Hogg in the making)
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