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  1. Jettster

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    Saw an awesome SKS today, looked brand new and the shop even cleaned off the cosmo, huge time saver. It was listed at $260. There is a gun show in 2 weeks in my area and was wondering if pricing there would be better? So should I buy it now, or wait for a lower price?
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    The excellent condition ones are listed the high side of 200 in the latest catalogs I've looked at. The dealer price on the good ones are something like 160.
    Factor in shipping and the dealer take, I could see $260 being the price now.
    I got mine a few years ago for a lot less, but there is a finite supply and an altogether unwholesome set of candidates to choose from this next election, which will have an impact on the demand for these guns as well.
    All in all 260 probably isn't bad. I'm sure the veteran C&R scroungers could find a better price somewhere, but I wouldn't mind paying that for it.
    As a matter of fact, I'll probably be ordering a second SKS sometime soon.

  3. Space

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    I only buy them if they are gooped up in cosmo. The goopier the better.

    I figure the cleanup ones are probably returns or trade-ins. Can't see a dealer that isn't making much on an SKS to spend any time cleaning them up. And if they are, they will charge a premium for them.

    Just my $0.02...
  4. I'm going to guess that it is a Yugo SKS for that price. If the rifle is in authentic excellent condition, then the price is fine. It may be $10-$20 high, but for the convenience of having it now it may be worth it.

    A very good Yugo SKS should go for the $200-$220 range. Get the seller to commit to you what condition the firearm is in according to the NRA rating system ( Have him put that rating on your sales receipt. That way you are protected. If you look at an SKS and think it is excellent but a collector says it is just good you may be able to get a small return or lose no money at all.

    Another thing you can do at a show is ask a few sellers to rate the condition of a particular gun for you. Find a few guys selling an SKS and see if they want your business, and what they will do to get it. Be open and honest and tell them that you are trying to decide on their rifle and someone else's. I tried this, and the seller told me the other guy had a better rifle. He lowered his price and gave me some ammo, so I bought from the honest guy.
  5. You make a very good point. Cleaning a cosmo rifle also teaches a new owner much about a new gun.
  6. I like the idea of buying gooped up cosmo speicals as well.

    Still regret the day I passed up a 59/66 Yugo that looked new except for the barrel which was black as night. The shop had it on sale for 99 dollars as "parts gun special". I went back the next day and it was gone.

    Dumb me.
    (this was only 6 months ago).
  7. The gun shop where I bought my Turkish mausers wiped them pretty clean before putting them up on the rack, I still had to do some more cleaning and they still sweat cosmoline every time I fire them, but they looked nice when they put them out for sale

    Well, as nice as a beat up Turkish mauser can look I suppose ;)
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    Same thing around my area. The gun shop in my neighborhood sort of specializes in having a large selection of surplus. They don't completely clean all the cosmo, but they wipe them down prety good and punch the barrel. It goes without saying I like being able to check the condition of the bore.
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    I got a moderately goopy (mostly in gas tube and recesses) Chinese model a few weeks ago for 150. You may want to look around, but you won't do much better at a gun show. To my experience these days, it's like walking into a group of overpriced retailers gathered under the same roof.
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    It was a trade-in. The dealer actually gave me the contact info for the person who traded it in and said that if I had any specific questions, to call him. So today I called the PO. Apparently, HE acquired it in Yugoslavia as surplus and it has been sitting in his gun safe along with some other rifles he purchased in the 70's. He is selling off his collection and wanted to know if I wanted to come by and see what he has. A couple Mosin's, a couple of Russian AK's and some Swiss rifle I can't recall the make. I'm going to swing by and check them out Saturday

    The dealer also had several other Yugos soaked in Cosmo, all in very good condition from what I can tell. Any buying hints??
  11. Ari

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    A Chicom still in goopy Hummm what was it? They have not been imported in a while. So it would be fun to find one in goopy :D