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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by thekrnel, Nov 1, 2007.

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    i am looking for a sks. doesent really matter what kind i guess. it would be nice to do ftf to cut shipping and ffl. i live in milwaukee, wi but will travel. looking for something around $150. there all overthe place on the internet but then you factor in shipping and ffl and its an extra $50-60.

    any help on this?
  2. Hey hey, I'm in the Milwaukee area too! Don't have an SKS to sell you sadly, but nice to see another Wisconsinite :D

  3. thekrnel

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    there are some wisconsinites in here? are you headed to the net bob and rocco gun show at the waukesha expo? i think nov 3&4
  4. I think that one over at Waukesha Expo is going to be Nov 9-11, but yeah, I'm really gonna try and head out there :)
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    I don't know about your area, but I'll be honest: Finding a $150 SKS is going to be REAL hard in this market. In Phoenix, most SKS's that you can find START at $300 to $350 for a moderate yugo, and go all the way up past a grand for a Russian.
  6. wickedwd5000... neothespian.... welcome to two years ago :p Holy old post batman
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    i got a good laugh out of this one lol. but in there defesnse, its hard to spot that stuff.
  8. lol, i sort of figured that from the price.....i just cant ignore an opportunity to yell go bears at people from WI. i grew up west of chicago, LOL. GO BEARS!#@$%
  9. go................falcons...................... :D :D
  10. GOOD LUCK...your gonna need it to find one for 150...around here its 300+ for a ftf transaction and usually 250 for a norinco in the stores when they have any...I would search places like jg sales and for some deals. aim surplus too.
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    Holy time machine batman! To think 2 years ago in the gun world is ancient history :'(
  12. i paid $200 for a chinese norinco a year ago. try finding a yugo for that now, LOL
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    I too am from wisconsin, go pack! I bought a nice norinco for 140 about 6 months ago...but that was a lucky find!
  14. that was a good find. yugo's went from 160 to 250 in a fricken month....thats rediculous
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    :blink: :mad:

    stupid tiny 9-point sized date posting stamps.....
  16. i got my norinco 2 years ago for $100 still in the box!!! yay for friends of the family selling weapons to me..... went to the local store the other day and yugos were $400! WTH
  17. get a c&r....sog and century have them for around $250 in their flyers.....