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SKS Barreled Receiver Question

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Hey all,

I saw over at Century arms that they have M59/66 SKS barreled receivers for $33. I am interested in picking one of these up and mabye build an SKS as a project gun. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how economical this endeavor would be? I am also interestedd if these receivers are de-milled.
Thanks guys.
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I have a couple SKS 'project' guns that were complete milsurps before undergoing their transformation. You can find a decent one to start with for around $200-$300. The whole is definitely less than the sum of its parts.

Not sure how in-depth you want to take your project, but most owners prefer starting with a gun with all matching numbers as the main firing components have already been tweaked and worn-in to fit together as a unit.

Visit yooper johns (http://www.yooperj.com/) to see what to look for in an SKS. At the very least you will want a threaded, heavy-lugged barrel that screws into a milled receiver, with a milled trigger group. You can surf Survivor's SKS Boards for additional knowledge, along with this link, (http://www.victorinc.com/SKS-FAQ.html).

BTW, I will never part with my SKS's.
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I've kind of wandered the same thing before, but hell I only gave $200 for my sks complete and ready to go. Stuff adds up pretty fast but maybe it can be done, I'll be interested to see what others have to say.
The bolt, carrier, spring, receiver cover, stock, handguard and gas piston could all be had cheap, and easy @ numrich.com ..your hardest to get and most expensive thing though would be the trigger assembly.
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