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  1. rodka

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    i cant get the retainer pin out of my sks bolt ive tried everything form soaking it in hoppes #9 for days to pounding on the damn thing for for 10 minutes as hard as i can and it just wont budge no matter what i do.

    any tips and tricks ive taken the pin out of other sks bolts and it was easy this one is just stubborn im thinking of just buying a new one but if i can save it i would.
  2. Ok a couple of questions:

    Are you using a steel punch?

    Are you using a -big- hammer?

    Are you resting the bolt on something that allows the pin to extend (ie is there somewhere for the pin to go)?

    Are you doing this on a table or other flexible surface?

    I ask because I had to rest my bolt body on a metal drill press base on a concrete floor and whallop the heck out of it with a big-ass hammer to get mine free the first time.

    If it still doesn't work, I'd be willing to give it a try for you. I've dismantled a few SKS bolts now and it always comes down to a bigger hammer.

  3. rodka

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    yeah im using a steel punch with big hammer and solid surface and the pin has somewhere to go.

    but its getting crazy i cant even fire my sks right now cause ive noticed that if i run live rounds through it, it will leave pretty heavy indentations on the primer so im pretty close to slam fire so thats not cool. :wink:
  4. Postal4U

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    I am having the same problems with my bolt. The next thing I am going to try is to use a vice to push the pin out, kinda like using a press.
    It always works for U-joints, why not pushing a pin out.
  5. can't say that i've ever had any problems getting that pin out. when in doubt, get a bigger hammer man.
  6. Silicon Wolverine

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    take it to a machine shop and have them press it out with an arbor. Shouldnt take them five minutes.

  7. +1 at SW machine shop advice! Beats damaging the bolt/pin.
  8. Whiskey

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    Try heating it with a propane torch. It will cause the steel to expand just enough to push it out. Also works great for freeing bolts with stripped heads. Oh yeah, try to avoid burning yo self whislt doing so :D
  9. If/when you get that retainer out, make sure you put a Murrays springloaded firing pin in. Best lil investment for a SKS.
    I've got a cherry Yugo SKS and I rushed the reassembly after cleaning the cosmo out of the bolt. Bad part was that I didn't get the retainer in perfectly so there was a slight angle on the flat side when it was all put together. Silly me, I took it out to the range and because of that angle, it would hang on the FP and not fully release. Now I've got a FUBARed pin and retainer...grrrrrr.