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  1. rodka

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    i know the original and the chinese 20rd fixed mag work very well but does any one know if the tapco 20rd mags work as well as people say they do?
    i was wanting to stick with steel mags but i would go polymer if they actually worked.
  2. Ari

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  3. most SKS's have an integrated fixed 10 round magazine rather than a 20. The tapco 20 round magazines work flawlessly for me.
  4. Detachable SKS mags are hit/miss when it comes to reliable feeding, and as you already know the stock 10rd fixed or Chinese 20rd fixed are reliable feeders. I gave up on detachable SKS mags a while back when I sold my last non C&R SKS. Now my SKS's are C&R grade and in "as issued" setup with the fixed 10rd mags.
  5. rodka

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    yeah i know they have a 10rd mag i was talking about the chinese made fixed 20rd mags.

    ive always heard tapco mags work the best so i guess thats one more nail in the steel mags coffin i had a five round steel mag and that wouldnt feed a single round properly and i did everything to try to fix it.
  6. rodka

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    yeah i know what you mean rimfire my last sks had one and that thing was so frustrating but it didnt feed well with a normal mag so i thought i would try with my new one and if it didnt work out i would just stick with the fixed and buy a lot of stripper clips.
  7. Deadeye008

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    The Tapco 20rd mags are suppossed to be great. I have four 30rd USA Brand mags that work great also.
  8. deadeye is dead on. LIke I said the tapco's work flawlessly for everybody i've seen a review from(and my own experience). Of the steel mags, USA are practically the only ones worth touching.
  9. I've heard nothing but good things about the Tapco 20 Round Magazine.
    I still need to pick up one myself.
  10. Kelotravolski

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    I was always told not to touch em. I just use the strippers.
  11. I bought a 30 rnd works fine with fmj but wont shoot hp for for crap
  12. rodka

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    weel im going to get a couple tapco mags today unfortunatly i cant fire my sks till next weekend so ill have to wait to see the reliability the waiting is going to kill me.