SKS grenade launcher

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    Is there any value in romoving the grenade launcher from my sks, and adding a comercial muzzle break? like what i mean is, does it reduce the weight? or is the slight weight reduction not worth the hours of trying to get the 'nade laungher off? is it difficult to remove it? is it worth it is my main question.
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    Please look up in the SKS section they have the steps to remove this bad boy. I believe the main reason to remove this is to add a US made MB and aid in the compliance of 922R.

    Now as for removal of the Nad sight. All up to you.

    Good luck.

    Launcher removal is not as difficult as it appears at first gloance the sight will help.

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    Or, you could use the launcher!

  4. Strangerous

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    um... mr.unclerob, sir... are you trying to be labled as a enemy combatant or what?

    I love the pic though... with the 'nade and all... Talk about home defense, after you run the punks off, you'd be able to 'nade their car as they are leaving!
  5. +1 what he said--

    If you alter the Yugo at all, make sure to be in compliance with 922r.

    A good rule of thumb is that if you start changing how you bought it, then get every American made part there is-- you usually won't go wrong there-- but if there is a doubt, there ae multiple sites to give you info on "keeping it legal"..