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  1. After reading About Neo's "new" SKS I had to go look for one and see what they are about. Now of course I have questions.

    I found two. One is labeled as a Norinco and the other Cugir Romania. The Norinco seems cheap at $175 but I noticed there are grinding marks by the rear site down where the barrel disappears under the wood. I didn't like that. Plus there is a lever in that same area, on the right side of the gun, that appears to be slightly beat up and maybe missing a detent. The wood is rather shiny as if it was glossed up somehow. This gun comes with the poker style bayo and about 50-60 rounds of various ammo.

    The second one, the Romania, has wood similar to Geo's and is very nice looking if you like that style. There are no obvious grinding marks on it and the lever that is beat up on the other appears to be fine on this one. The bayo is a cheap looking dull knife. No biggie as it isn't something I'd likely use unless hog hunting with it. This gun has a price tag of $249.

    Another option is a nearly new Saiga chambered in 7.62x39 that he is asking $349 for. Very nice looking and I'm sure from what I read will be a great addition. I'm just curious about the price on that one.

    Any thoughts on these guns? I really like the idea of getting another gun and looked at a few (see other thread) and hope to get something soon. For those with knowledge or info one these please chime in. Thanks!
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    Well, first off, I own a Norinco. As it is, I am trying to put it back to how it came into this country: bayonet, wood stock, sling, etc. I didnt notice any grind marks on the barrel, and that lever you mentioned is part of disassembling the gas operating rod.
    The Romanian, from what I can discern, is a very close copy of the original Soviet SKS (I missed out on one locally) Of all the SKS variants, I wouldnt mind a Romy SKS.
    The Saiga? I recently purchased one, and have yet to fire it My plans are to make it a AK-103 clone. As it is, it is real nice!

    As far as you deciding on which one to get: I guess it boils down to what you want/need, and the price you willing to pay. If I saw the Norinco for that price, I would buy it (blems and all) The price for the Romy, is a tad high, but somewhat acceptable. The Saiga, thats close what I paid OTD for mine. Decisions....decisions..

  3. Thanks so far. The grind marks appear to be fresh as the metal is bright in the "cuts" and not at all discolored. Further inspection would be needed to be sure the unit is safe to fire. Also it's possible this gun could be bought a little cheaper too after the inspection of the grinding.

    In Neo's thread there is discussion about a grenade launcher attachment. Does anyone have any pictures of what this is? I read the description but have trouble grasping exactly what it is being described. Thanks again for the info. :)
  4. Prices on these rifles varies; they cost what you find them for. I bought a Yugo 59/66 from J&G several years ago for $80--that's what they were going for (500 rounds of ammo was ~$50!) I got bored with it and sold it. Now the prices are double that.

    If cost is not an issue, I'd get the Saiga. Of the two SKS choices, I'd ignore external looks on these and probably get the Norinco. Serviceable and rough, but the Romanian is almost certainly not worth the price difference.

    Look at a picture of a Yugo 59/66--the round gizmo attached to the end of the barrel is the grenade launcher. Look at the handguard above the barrel--there's a sheet metal doodad that pivots up--that's the grenade sight. Grenades, even practice ones, are unavailable (and if you do find some--move on!) However, you can slit tennis balls, place them on the grenade launcher, move the valve to free the sight, and practice your SKILZ -- BE SURE TO USE BLANKS :!: :!: :!: :!:

    Truthfully--the grenade launcher is a worthless accessory. J&G will remove it for $35 so those in the Peeples' Repooblik of Kalifornya can import them.
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    Classic has Saigas in 7.62x39 for $249 new. Even with shipping and transfer you can beat the $349 they are asking. scroll 3/5th of the way down the page.

    Price on the Yugo isn't bad. At least here in New England, the only SKSs you can find are the yugos. If you want something without the grenade launcher you're pretty much out of luck. The Norinco is cheaper and is a good deal shorter because it doesn't have the GL on the end of the barrel.

    (classic also has Yugos for $199)

    However, check and see if the Saiga they are selling for $349 has been modified to use AK mags. If it has, it's a pretty good deal if it's in like new condition.

    Saiga is really proud of their mags and charges a LOT for them.
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    Dude a Cugir Romanian are pretty rare in the sks world. I would go for that in a heart beat. But I would have to leave it stock as it is a part of a cool history. They were made from 1957 until 1962... The Romanian government said that there was no such bird. It was not until 1998 that the west found about them.
  7. Very interesting guys! As I'm reading about the SKS I'm obviously learning a lot. One of the things mentioned is they were manufactured with only a 10 round box magazine. On the Romanian at the gun shop the box was noticeably longer than the Norinco had, maybe 5 but likely 10 more rounds capacity. Is that anything to be concerned about?

    I think the Saiga was bone stock and never shot. The owner got it on trade in the box from a fellow that won it at a WTU banquet and subsequently traded it on a "real" deer rifle. I doubt I'll spend that additional money because if I play my cards right momma will let me get two guns!

    I certainly don't need a grenade launcher, but it's the cool factor I like. "Dude, check this out. It's a grenade launcher!"

    Thanks, and keep the info flowing if possible. :)
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    For what it's worth,,, I bought a Norinco SKS NIB back about 16 years ago (damn I'm getting old). It is still one of my fav guns. Shoots straight, can hit clay pigeons at 100 yds with stock sights no prob. Great SHTF rifle in my opinion for the money. $99 with 300 rounds when I bought it. Spent the afternoon cleaning the Cosmo off it but really learned how it goes together. Just someting about a easy to use rifle with a bunch of loaded stripper clips waiting for fecal matter to hit the fan. Love my SKS! just wish ammo was still cheap.
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    My rifle is a 59/66 Yugo imported by Cavalry Arms International. The hardware and furniture is in good condition, but there is a tad bit of loss in the bluing on the top of the site and a small bit of the upper barrel. That's it. All in all a great deal for $149, and I have seen the same quality SKS go for about $220 to $250 in the local gun shops and pawn shops.

    The Grenade launcher is actually easy to remove! First, take out the barrel assembly and place it in a padded vice (some soft wood like pine and a bit of cloth or neopreme to prevent marring worked for me) Just take a propane blowtorch (NO other fuel....else it will burn too hot), and heat the coupler beneath the holes drilled in the tip of the launcher attachment. Just heat it up enough so you can feel the energy emminating from the part, but not enough to discolour the metal or to see it glow. Then, take a small philips head screwdriver and slide it into one set of the holes on the end to serve as a handle. Then, turn the sucker off! It's going to take some torque but once it's off you now have a launcher-less barrel that will also be threaded for various accessories (I'm eyeing a Muzzle break from Tapco that has good reviews)

    I would've posted pics, but I was too worried about botching up the job that I didn't think about it. Will have pics tomorrow of the parts in question.
  11. honestly, I would buy a saiga from DPH arms. <300 bucks including ffl transfer(assuming they are ridiculously high in your area).
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    The one thing to remember is that the Saiga is NOT an SKS and vice verca. The characteristics of each gun are widely different, and the only thing that is the same is that they use the same caliber. Now, I dig both alot, but the SKS has a longer barrel and is heavier. This has alot to do with accuracy and recoil. The Saiga is also an accurate rifle, but with a shorter barrel physics are against you. That and the Saiga is a light gun. Either one will need modifying if you want to carry more rounds, but there are more accessories for the SKS.

    For me it was the SKS because anything that makes the gun more accurate is a bonus to me since I'm not the best shot in the world, and the price was amazing. Granted there was some light rust on the bolt and the wood stock needed major refinishing, but the gobs of blackened cosmoline and tons of chemicals were worth it. Then again, price was a huge factor for me. For less than a Saiga costs local here, I could get all I wanted in the SKS with a larger round count and still have $100 for ammo.

    Either way, you can't go wrong!
  13. I agree the SKS and Siaga are completely different animals that merely share the same ammo. Both are most likely great for their intended purpose and because a person owns one it shouldn't exclude them from owning the other.

    All that said the reason I want an SKS is because they are cool, historical, inexpensive to own and shoot, and easily customized if one chooses. Plus something is coming over me that is really making me take a hankering to milsurp arms. I believe that is a good thing for a cheap and broke fool like me. :lol:

    I just found out about another gun shop about 30 miles from me that is rumored to have a "great selection". Of course this warrants a trip to check the place out and see what they have. Until I do that I can't hardly buy anything in case a better deal is hiding there.
  14. maybe you can find something good at that shop.

    If you want it as a milsurp go for it, but if you want something to have fun with(ie: large mag caps and such) that is small and easy to toss in the truck go for the saiga and convert it.
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    If you're looking at an "entry level" SKS so to speak, I'd try to find a Yugo. They're inexpensive and they're plentiful and you're not killing a major history bird or your investment if you decide to mod it. that, and anything I've ever bought gun-wise that was Yugo was always very heavy duty and really good milled steel. Other than that, if you want an the rare one. If you want an AK type variant as close to an AK as you're going to get on a budget, go Saiga. it's all in what you want as a shooter. I say get the rare SKS, and then go get a Yugo to chop up and
  16. Oh man, decisions decisions! I don't want or need hi-cap but would take it if already there. No real interest in modifying one yet so anything I get should be "safe". Right now I guess budget would be the strongest motivator. In other words best bang for the buck. Seeing the deal Neo found makes me more willing to stand my ground and wait for the one that gives me the warm and fuzzies. Gosh I love the info you guys can provide, thanks a lot everyone. :)
  17. sks's have risen so much price wise in the last year. Even a yugo is going to be pushing 200 bucks(I bought mine 2-3 years ago for 110 out the door), and norincos are going to be minimum of 250.
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    By the end of the year expect those prices to increase at least another $50.
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    Sad but true. There is a finite supply, and the pending election will have an effect as well.
    Considering how rugged and reliable these guns are though, they will still be worth what you pay.
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    yep the Yugo's are the best bang for your buck ATM