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These Links are located at;

What are the best sites y'all have stumbled accross in your search for SKS info?

US Army SKS Manual (PDF)
SKS Manual in HTML Format
Archive of Many SKS Manuals (PDF Format)
Photographic Disassembly of SKS
Varities of SKS Ammo
Photos of Many SKS Models
M59/66 UberYugo Data
What IS the SKS?
Yugo SKS Hog Rifle (lots of modifications)
SKS Manual in Russian/Photos
Yugo-The Last Great SKS
Junk Yard Dog - One Man's SKS
How to Change a Bad Gas Valve on the Yugo SKS
Video of Replacing Yugo Gas Valve
The Paper Clip Fix for Yugo Gas Leak
The Wire or Washer Fix for Yugo Gas Leak
CNC Warrior SKS Parts for Sale
SKS Parts for Sale
Video of Fast Load with Stripper Clip
Lightening the SKS Trigger
The SKS Bolt (Disassembly with photos)
How to Clean an SKS
Adjusting SKS Sights
Tapco SKS Parts and 20 Round Mags
Video of Tapco 20 Round SKS Mags RapidFire
Yugoslavian SKS Photo Gallery
Bosnia/Croatia SKS Sniper Rifles
Yugoslavian SKS Survey
The SKS Reconsidered
Collecting and Shooting the SKS Carbine
The SKS Carbine
SKS History and Development by Gabe Suarez
SKS and AK Variants
Schwartz's SKS FAQ (Survivor FAQ)
Yooper John's SKS Pages
Video of SKS Disassembly and Reassembly
Another Video of Disassembly and Reassembly of the SKS
The Albanian SKS, with Great Disassembly Photos
Ammunition for SKS (and AK)
More About the 7.62 x 39 Cartridge for SKS and AK
Long Field and Stream Kalashnikov Article
WikiPedia Article on the 7.62x39 Cartridge
WikiPedia SKS Article
Meet the SKS Rifle (Read the Links, too!)
SKS Photos and Info
Scoping Your SKS
More About Scoping Your SKS
SKS Tri Rail Picatinny Receiver Cover Replacement
A Variety of SKS Scope Mounts from GunAccessories.com
Leapers SKS Scope Mounts
Scout Scope Mounts for SKS
What is the SKS Carbine?
What Is This SKS I Keep Hearing About?
The SKS carbine, an honest bargain
What Can I Do (or NOT Do) to My SKS, and Stay Legal?
SKS High Capacity Magazines
Installing A 30 Round Magazine on Your SKS
Survivor's SKS FAQ
Simonov SKS carbine (USSR - Russia)
SKS Carbine, An Honest Bargain
Download SKS Manuals
Range Report: Yugo SKS
Williams Aperture Sight for SKS
Tech Sight SKS After-Market Aperture Sights
Tech Sight Aperture Sight Range Report
Mojo Sights for the SKS
SKS Accuracy FAQ
Improving the SKS (Early Maturity)
Putting a Scout Scope on Your SKS
SKS Rifle Training Circular in PDF
SKS Page (Carbines for Collectors)
GoldenLoki's SKS Sporter Project
GoldenLoki's Trigger Disassembly for SKS
GoldenLoki's SKS Trigger Improvement
Improving the SKS Trigger
SKS Accessories and Parts
More SKS Accessories and Parts
Tapco 20 Round Magazine Video
Purchase an SKS Inert Grenade for Your Yugo
Video of Soldier Launching Grenade from Yugo SKS
Yugo SKS Golf Ball Launcher
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