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    I have an AK and I am wanting an SKS. I see quite a few Yugo's for sale and I am wondering if that is the way to go? What are the strong/weak points of the various SKS rifles available? I will use this as a shooter and part of the SHTF plan. I thank you for your replys 8)
  2. check out the info on

    There are no real pros/cons to any of the sks's of different orgins. Only minor differences.

    Basically yugo's are currently the cheapest and most readily found. They do NOT have chrome lined barrels, so used ones may have some pitting due to corrosive ammo.

    Chinese are generally good quality and run 250-300 dollars. They have chrome lined barrels, decent furniture, and like other sks's, look a bit better/cleaner than the yugo's due to not having the nade launcher and such.

    Russians are excellent but expensive, 300+. Basic design, no extra crap like on yugos. Chrome lined barrels.

    Albainians are similar, sometimes slightly rougher quality.

  3. He is right the is a good place to start. Tons of info on the net about the SKS , just Google for it.
    I have a Yugo, $100 at a local gun show rough condition.
    If you are near a Cabelas store they have them for $169.00 and they look as good as new, ammo 500 rounds $100.00 in a big green dry box.
    Almost as much fun to add things to it as the 995.
  4. If you can get one in good condition and at a decent price, any of them would make a good STHF gun. They are simple and dependable.

    I have 2, both chinese, one older screw in barrel one newer pressed in and held in with a pin similar to an ak barrel

    I would feel comfortable heading for the woods in an emergency with either one
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    Happy owner of 2 yugos.

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    Sometimes the Yugos have gas valve issues, but that is usually easily cured by buying a new gas valve ($15.00). Other than that the Yugos are as good as any other SKS.
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    (Dont tell him this!)....but I am going to buy my father a Yugo for Xmas...he's always been eyeing mine ever since I let him shoot it years ago.
  8. You got a launching Grenade! Now I am green with envy!

    Got to Remember
    "Thou Shalt not Covet a Hi-Point Forum Members Weapon"
    What am I thinking, of course we can.
    Great looking Yugo!