SKS mags FS/FT....make offeres

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  1. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Have a few SKS magazines that i picked up in a lot purchase. They appear to be opened, but new and unused ProMag 30 round polymer magazines. there are three of these, there is also a steel 20 round Nation Magazine mag, that also appears to be in like new condition. i cannot verify this as they came in a box of parts for various guns, but, they all LOOK to be very much new.

    these were unofficially offered in a different thread, and two people asked about them there,
    in order, warhawk 77 has first dibs on these, followed by jarhead, as they both replied via PM a few days ago about them, but i cannot post pics via PM.

    anyways, willing to take cash offers of will trade for pretty much anything gun related. could always use HP 4095 or 4595 magazines, AK47 parts, i am looking for a small reflex sight, to all offers, let me know. once i hear that those two gentlemen are or are not interested, i will reply to anyone else who shows interest. thanks.

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  2. How much do you want for the Poly mags? i don't care for steel mags in the SKS,I've never found one that is reliable.morayman..............

  3. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    like it says, warhawk77 has first dibs, as he asked in PM about them first, and also, as it says, make me an offer. dont know how much they cost new, dont know how much used ones are worth, i dont own an SKS, so these are just here unused. got them in a big box of parts i picked up. im open to offers.
  4. cicpup

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    Trade you a key chain.
  5. jarhead

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    sks mags

    Talon its the 17th I sent you a PM
  6. colthrash

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    did you get any skull stickers in that box?
  7. I'll take them all if nobody with dibs takes them...I could always use SKS mags.
  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Pending his reply, jarhead will most likely be the new owner of the sks mags.
    Thanks for the interest guys.