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    What is the highest capacity mag i can get for an sks, that is reliable?? i have a 20 rd tapco, which i hear is realiable, but is there any 30rd or higher?

    also, does anyone make a drum for the sks??
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    From what I've seen and heard, there isn't yet a 30 round magazine that is truly reliable. The Tapco 20 rounder is the most reliable I've shot, and their 30 rounder has issues. The other steel 30 rounders on the market blow!

    As for a drum, I heard that you might be able to still find Chinese versions floating around, but to my knowledge I don't think that there are any modern drums for the SKS specifically on the market. Of course, you could always modify yours to accept AK mags and drums, but then you're looking at paying nearly twice what you paid for the rifle in gunsmithing costs for something that is a novelty and not worth it IMHO

  3. Dreamthief

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    DC engineering makes a reliable 30 rounder with a lifetime warranty.
  4. Unless you have a Chinese Model D or M (I think its those) that is factory equipted to take real AK47 magazines, the normal maximum amount of rounds that a sks can reliably fire without problem is 10. However I think that there were some factory 20 round box mags like the factory 10 round box mags.

    I do not like those aftermarket duckbill mags, they always seem to need some sort of tweaking.

    I don't mind the 10 round limitation anyways, makes my shooting day take longer which is a good thing.
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    holy god, a sks heaven site!!
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    My advice would be to just buy several 20rd Tapco mags.It is ALWAYS a crap shoot when you buy any of the aftermarket 30rd mags if you are using them on a Yugo SKS.I have a couple of 30rd mags that work great and i have several that are pieces of crap.I bought some of the Tapco 20rd mags and never looked back.