SKS mc-5d Help???

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    Hi folks,

    Just curious if anyone knew if this type of SKS takes aftermarket stocks as easily as other yugos an such. I have a pretty nice Fiberforce'ed SKS from a member here and have a chance at grabbing the type that accepts the AK mags.

    Just wanted to know if this sks mc-5d takes accessories for a more modern look, like a tapco collapsing stock or sidefolder.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.
  2. kunlao21

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    any help at all? :(

  3. sorry, don't know much about them. Never even seen one in person. lol. However, I would guess that its doable, but would take some modding. I would go check with the folks over at for your question.
  4. If this is the Norinco "Sporter" that accepted the standard AK mags you "may" be able to do a custom fit, but I have never seen a Norinco Sporter in anything other than factory issue wood stocks.
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    ouch... that just may deter my buy. Might as well go with an AK. I don't do anything beyond drop ins and rail accessories...

    Thanks for the help!