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  1. Hello everyone. I just upgraded my sks what do you think? I hope to bring it to the range this weekend and get her sighted in!
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    I like it.I have 3 Yugoslavian sks's myself.I left 2 of them in their original wood stocks but i have one that i dropped in a Tapco T-6 black stock.Give us a range report after you give it a test drive.What kind of scope is that?

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    Nice SKS! I have a preban SKS with ramline stock. They look nice too but damn I had a worse time installing it than the ATI stock on my 995.
  4. Thats a good lookin' mod on your SKS, dude. I've got a Yugo 59/66 myself but I just can't bring myself to switch it out to the T6 stock.
    Yours is looking sweet though.
  5. I never had a lot of luck with scopes on SKS's because to properly clean the rifle you have to remove the scope and rear receiver cover, this always caused the scope to be off on my next range trip. If you intend to keep it scoped and not perform a detailed cleaning after each shoot then you definitely need to install a new firing pin/spring kit. This will prevent the SKS firing pin from sticking in the firing position due to fouling buildup in the firing pin channel and eliminate the possibility of it going fully auto on you.

    Otherwise you have a nice looking setup.
  6. Thanks guys. I ordered it all from Milsurpstuff. They gave me very fast service! The stock only took around 1-2 hours to put in. I will bring it out to the range this weekend I hope. The scope is a NcStar 3-9x42. Thanks for all the input.
  7. There is no "they", it's just a "me". :lol:
  8. Thanks. I liked the fast service