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  1. Hey, I just received a Yugo sks. I also bought a receiver cover to mount the scope and it will not fit. I am filing on it in a few places and am still having trouble. I have also read that this is not a good place to put a scope. Anyone elce have a scope mounted here and like it. i do not want to waste my time if this will not work well. Any suggections.......
  2. All the SKS boards

    If you read all the SKS boards, they all say "no way" to a receiver mounted scope, with very few exceptions. The consensus is that if you DO get one to fit tight and hold zero, it will eventually loosen up anyway, so don't bother.

    Some boards here:

    Survivor's SKS Boards are very good.

  3. I had one of those on my AK.... Wouldn't hold zero for crap. Went back to the irons :twisted:
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    Same here got rid of it.

    It works for a mags, But you can almost feel and see it loose zero.

    I wouldn't waste the $ they make better mounts But the cost to me is not worth it.
    SKS is plenty good without scope.

    does add a COOL factor though, Only real benifit I can think. :wink:
  5. Thanks for the help. I think I will skip that. I do want to put it it a Tapco stock. They look sweet!