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    I have a friend who used to be a backwoods guide. He turned me onto a company called Wiggys. I have had mine since 89 They have a High Point style warranty. They also make other bag makers look like they do not have clue on making bags. They got their start making sleeping bags for the Airforce their bag would go into a vacuumed bag under the seat of the aircraft. Check them out.

    This tells why they are not just a sleeping bag

    They can also vacuum pack any of their bags to make them great for bobs.

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    Would love to have one but pricey...maybe some day later. Actually I'm trying to build my own sleeping bag right now.

    Although I'm sewing two wool blankets inside and adding a camo pattern to half the outside, leaving the other side for signaling.

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    $175 for zero rated bag is high? A bag you can sleep in the rain. And if anything happens to it they fix it for ever?
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    seeing as I make minimum wage I would say yes, that is quite high for me. and if it rains i'll put up a tarp :) as for sub-zero I'll try to stay out of those climates.
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    I checked out that web page. Pretty decent idea for an emergency sleeping bag.

    I especially liked the part when he tested and wore a sweat sh* love unintentional strategically placed typos!

    But seriously, cool idea.
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    I like the "homemade" versions you found. I have several of the solar blankets already along with the duct tape. I also like the inexpensive nature of them too. It saves money to buy other items as well. Thanks.
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    I plan on (used to have, but got "lost" during my moves) simple GI poncho and liner, for a quick sleeping bag. The small vacuumpacked ones for BOB sounds great, however. You can always take off clothes, if you hot, but when you out in the boonies, cant put on layers if you dont have them.

    Great links guys!!
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    glad someone found it useful :D theres more than that here:

    Theres a difference between buying the gear and making it yourself; when you make it yourself you know exactly what it can and can't do. Then again, I would still get one of these sub-zero ones if i had the cash, just not in the cards yet.
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    Good stuff, but one caveat: Compressing fill material (Vacuuming) reduces the radiant value of sleeping bag fill.
    If you have down, it's not recommended for long term storage. For Laminate fill, you really need to fluff the heck out of it and 'scrunch' up to get it to the rating. Sometimes it takes a day or 2 to get fluffed enough.
    Poly Fill is best, and requires less fluff to get to your Temp rating.
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    I could be reading that website wrong, but it looks like it's $175 just to get a bag vacuum packed. The cost of the sleeping bag itself is on top of that.

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    Sorry if I'm being dense here, but it's not intentional. Let's say I want to buy the Ultima Thule sleeping bag which shows a price of $265. If I want to get it vacuum packed, what would the total cost be?

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    Another $175
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    Those are some really nice bags and the factory vacuumed sealing would be great if it didn't cost so darn much. But... if you ever needed it the price would not be something you would worry about at all. Guess if I lived in a colder climate and spent a lot of time flying over or driving thru wilderness area's it would most definitely be a must have item.

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    Gotcha, thanks. Those do look like really nice bags. Just added another item to my "want to get" list. :D

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    Hey Ari,judging from your pic in the members thread I'd havta say I'd trust your recommendation on cold weather gear. :lol:
  18. I use a US GI intermedate bag and have a NEW body bag . The bag is good where I live and when you put it insida the body bag it will rase your inside temp up about 10 deg. Also the body bag makes a good improvised stretcher.
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    I would object to being carried on the bag i may later be in :shock: jk
  20. With 2 long poles slipped through the side handles it makes a good improvised stretcher , it is a lot better than being carried on a shoulder. :( Also the body bag is waterproof . Most people have a problem sleeping in a body bag :roll: