Slide lock / safety question

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  1. Say the slide is locked back by the safety - is it NOT recommended to push the switch down, allowing the slide to engage forward? It's doable, but very difficult (as if it wasn't really designed to be used that way).

    Or does this simply need to be broken in?
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    Personally I wouldn't do it. The HP has an internal slide release, and the safety which also doubles as a slide lock.., may or may not get damaged by using it for a slide release.

    I've seen people actually lock back the slide, then put in a mag, then actually use the slide/safety lock to chamber the first round. It can be done, but again I haven't heard of anyone breaking their HP's doing this. I've done it once by accident, and it just didn't feel natural to the HP design and function when I did that.


  3. If I have done it once, I have done it 200 times on my C-9. I have never had a single issue.

    My new .45 is as tight as can be and it is difficult to do.

    These things are strong guns. If it can handle an explosion to re-c-o-c-k itself, simply letting the safety go won't do a thing in my opinion.

    Just watch your fingers. Pinching hurst so bad and can take some flesh as well.
  4. I have done that many times. I have never had a problem with my C9 or 380.
  5. If it hurts the pistol, it would really surprise me. I do it all of the time with no apparent damage
  6. I do it all the time with my C9 and I do it with my new 40.
  7. exactly. there is just no logical reason as to why it would hurt the pistol. the blow back design puts much more stress than letting the slide go.
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    This is how I use my C9 on a regular basis. It makes it operate like "other" semi-auto's. When I was taking my training class for my ccw they wanted the slide locked open to make sure the firearms were safe on the firing line. I would set my slide in this manner before I laid it down and then all I had to do was put in the clip and release the slide to be ready to fire. It worked great every time for me.
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    Chambering first round by releasing the slide lock...

    Hi all. New to this forum...

    Chambering first round by releasing the slide lock seems to prevent the failure to load problem I see occasionally when racking the slide manually. It seems that when I do it manually, I don't' always allow the slide to return with enough momentum, and the bullet jams.
  10. Welcome to the site ejackson1075! I couldn't imagine it would do any damage to the gun.
  11. The safety is designed to act as a slide release so it is perfectly alright to use it this way.
    If it seems a bit stiff I would put a drop of oil on it & test it a few times.
    The slide release & safety on my Browning Buckmark were really stiff till I put a drop of oil on each. Now they work fine.
    I also had to put a drop of oil on the safety of my 995 to get it working more smoothly.