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    Went to shoot my 'new to me' c9 for the first time and after 1 mag the slide locked open. Drop the mag, insert a new one and now it won't release. Tried taking the mag out putting in an empty one, nothing. It is locked back and will not release.

    I did take the slide off recently and polished the feed ramps. Did I put something back wrong? Easy fix or send it back to HP?

    BTW, the first 8 rounds were great. Fed smooth and very acurate.

    Thanks in advance.
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    have you tried releasing the slide with no mag in, that happened to someone on the last forum.

    and when you took the slide off did you take out the sear or anything because ive heard that if you turn the sear around it will lock the slide open.

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    Yes, tried without the mag. I did not turn the sear around, I think everything was exactly as it was when I took the slide off. I think I'll take it off again and double check everything.
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    Ok....figured it out. When I put the gun back together, I hammered the main barrel pin too tight and the magazine lockout was not able to move properly. It was in the magazine 'in' position at all times. When I took the magazine out, the spring was unable to pull it down.

    These HP are really easy to figure out.....not too many moving parts.
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    yeah basic and reliable gotta love that.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    First off why mess with the barrel pins? I say leave em alone in the first place. that is something that needs no work on it.
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  8. I would have sent it in lol I'm just worried about messing my gun up.