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  1. Today I took my CF380 apart to thoroughly clean it. When I reassembled it I noticed that there was slide noise when I tilted the gun forward and backward . I took it apart again to investigate the noise. I saw that the firing pin was moving freely between its seat and the slide retainer. Is this normal for it to move like that? Will it re-seat when I put some rounds through?
  2. Where's the firing pin spring that goes between the firing pin and the retainer?

  3. ha i forgot to mention yes the spring IS between the pin and retainer along with the plastic bushing that came with it. any idea??
  4. My .40 does the same thing, it will stop when the spring is under tension (cocked). Other than that just a design aspect, I was worried at first because I didn't want a loose firing pin farting around while I had a chambered round, but realized that is not possible because in order to chamber a round you have to rack the slide back therefore putting the spring under get the picture. :wink:
  5. But when i picked the gun up brand new it never did this. why now??
  6. How far is it moving back and forth?

    Gun gurus if this is bad advice please yell at me, but if it were just a little bit, I would simply stretch the spring out a little and put it back together
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    my firing pin moves on mine as well when it's not charged and it's never been fired.

    if you take the mag out and look down the well you'll see the spring is not long enough and the firing pin can move in and out from the spring..

    unless there is something wrong with mine i suspect it's normal. although i dont know why they did'nt use a longer spring to keep tension at all times.

    there is'nt a lot of movement so i would'nt expect it to set off a round, besides you have to pull all the way back on the slide enough that it would charge and catch the striker in order to reliability chamber a round.. you can pull back just before it catches and actually try to chamber around but it will almost always cause a jam.

    anyhow i think your's is probably fine perhaps you did'nt notice it when you first got it? or perhaps im misunderstanding you.. or perhaps still there is a fault in my unfired gun as well.

    anyway the real danger is there is no firing pin block so if for some reason the strike's catch failed the gun would fire without pulling the trigger..

    doing some mild drop tests with a charged striker but unloaded it never went off.. thats not to say it could'nt but nvm im rambling.
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    hmm... are you sure it's not the drop safety?
  9. I wouldnt want to stretch the spring because im afraid it could create a kink point in it. and its moving about a half inch when i took the slide off. but still the pin should not slide freely right??

    do you guys think that if i put some rounds through it, it might correct this?

    and yes sir i am sure its not the drop safety i checked that when i had the gun apart.

    has anyone else had this happen to them before??
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    From what ive heard, Hi-point advises not to dissassemble your pistol, at least not till its had plenty of rounds through it....

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    The drop safety rattles on HPs. All of them are like this right out of the box. That might be what you are hearing, and you may have just never noticed it before. But they all do it, pistols any way.
    Never heard my 995 rattle.
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    The drop safety does rattle. I noticed that the first day I got my .380 :roll: However, as mentioned by another member even HP suggests that this weapon NOT be field stripped unless it's absolutely required. HP's are designed to be low maint. (considering it's a first handgun for many).

    All that's needed to clean an HP is some BreakFree Powder Blast, quick run of the rod down the barrel, and them some light oil. I remember talking to HP at one time, and being told that they have guns in their testing that have several thousand rounds through each, and have yet to be field stripped.

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    As everyone has mentioned, it's either the drop safety or firing pin. There's nothing you can do about the drop safety rattling. If it's the firing pin, just rack the slide and don't dry fire and it shouldn't make any noise.